Year-End Gifts for Catechists

Year-End Gifts for Catechists

Year-End Gifts for Catechists Book Bundle: Purchase all 3 for $7.95!

Celebrating "The Ministry Of The Catechist"
Author: Janet Schaeffler, OP
leftFrom the very beginnings of the Church catechists have taught the faith and strengthened and enriched the lives of the people of God. Now, with Pope Francis’ apostolic letter Antiquum Ministerium, the ministry of catechist has been established as a formal, instituted lay ministry in the Church. The pope’s apostolic letter is brimming with history, theology, catechetics, affirmation, and challenge for today’s catechists. And in this booklet, renowned catechist Janet Schaeffler, OP, helps us reflect on the pope’s message and bring it to prayer, so that it might enrich and strengthen our own catechetical ministry to the people of God.

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Soul-Care for Teachers
Author: Carole Eipers
leftEvery hero needs time to recharge, which is why this booklet is perfect for teachers. Carole Eipers suggests simple yet creative ideas for practices that will appeal to teachers’ caring hearts while offering rest and renewal. From seeking the hidden beauty residing at your school to learning how to accept limitations, each practical suggestion is accompanied by an inspiring reflection and a prayer-talk to have with Jesus or one of the many saints who are patrons of teachers. An inspiring, healing, and supportive resource for every teacher you know.

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Catechists Awake!
Author: Lee Danesco
leftCatechists can prepare lessons, but who prepares catechists for sharing God’s love, week in and week out? In this powerful booklet, Lee Danesco walks catechists through twenty Scripture passages with reflections and prompts that relate directly to faith formation ministry. She then offers practical ways to apply each message to lessons for greater enrichment. Well-suited for both veterans and those just starting out, this rich source of inspiration and ideas can help catechists bring their best spiritual selves to every lesson they teach.

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