Walking in Holiness with Pope Francis – 30 Days with Rejoice and Be Glad

Walking in Holiness with Pope Francis &ndash; <i>30 Days with Rejoice and Be Glad</i>
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32 pages

“Let yourself be transformed!” These heartening words sum up Pope Francis’s message in Gaudete et Exsultate (Rejoice and Be Glad). The good news is that holiness is for all of us. In pastoral and even poetic language, Pope Francis urges us to allow the Spirit to fill us with courage and strength so that we may live our lives following the example of Jesus. To serve others is holy work, and Pope Francis assures us that it can also be joy-filled. These thirty days of reflections take Pope Francis’s words and lay a path for our journey out of ourselves and into the sainthood that God wishes for us.

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