Via Lucis: The Way of Light -- Praying the Stations of the Resurrection

Via Lucis: The Way of Light -- <I>Praying the Stations of the Resurrection</I>
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Lovingly written by Glenn Byer

5 X 7.5" -- 64 pages -- paperback -- Only $6.36 when you order 7 or more copies!

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The Via Lucis, or Way of Light, recalls the appearances of Jesus to his disciples after the Resurrection, and reminds us of our own journey from darkness to the light of grace. The stunning reflections in this book draw on universal images of light to further illuminate this powerful spiritual exercise.

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Written for communal or individual meditation, this one-of-a-kind resource is perfect for parish, school or individual use. Accompanied by beautiful, full-color images, these readings and prayers invite us to into deeper communion with the Paschal Mystery and the joy of our new life in Christ.