Understanding the Sacraments – The Fabric of Our Catholic Lives

Understanding the Sacraments &ndash; <em>The Fabric of Our Catholic Lives</em>
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Author: Barbara Anne Radtke

96 pages, 5.5” x 8.5”

The “sacramental imagination” has always been at the heart of Catholic life, but what exactly does this mean to Catholics today, and how is it reflected in the seven sacraments of the church? In this clear and profound book, Barbara Anne Radtke begins by helping us understand the broader concepts of “sacrament” and “sacramentality.” Then she explores the sacraments of initiation, of healing, and at the service of communion, helping us see them all as “visible signs of invisible grace in the world today,” so that we might “embrace a way of looking at life and seeing God in our daily surroundings and encounters.” This is a great introduction for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of sacraments and sacramentality.

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