Unemployment Meditations – Reflections, Prayers and Practices to Face One of Life’s Most Difficult Challenges

Unemployment Meditations &ndash; <em>Reflections, Prayers and Practices to Face One of Life’s Most Difficult Challenges</em>

5.5" x 8.5", 24 pages

Job losses are never easy

“Even in circumstances where we were in something less than a dream gig, losing a job is still a blow. Allow yourself time to grieve. Not everyone can get let go one day and leap into an interview the very next. It is better to “feel, deal, and heal” than to bury grief that will catch you unaware later.”

With unemployment at historic levels, this digital booklet is filled with wisdom and understanding from “one who has been there.” Cory Busse has experienced unemployment on three occasions, and here he offers practical advice on everything from dealing with the shame and anger that comes with losing a job to proven tips for finding a new job in a lean economy. This easy-to-read, booklet is filled with prayers, meditations and hope. Available for whole parish or individual purchase, this booklet offers a lifeline for anyone dealing with the unique challenge of losing a job.

Cory Busse is a writer and humorist living in Minneapolis.

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