Technology Tools for Your Ministry

Technology Tools for Your Ministry
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Author: Tim Welch

5 X 7" -- 120 pages

Technology is a fact of life, even for (especially for!) pastors, pastoral teams, parish ministers, DREs, catechists, principals, teachers, and administrative assistants. Most of us can function at the computer, but our levels of expertise range from novice to pro. Each new day levels the playing field, however, as technology continually evolves with updates that not only move us into new territories, but often make it impossible for us to stay in our comfort zones. We are all novices to the newest update. Thus, we are all in this together, all learning together that technology is now an important means to effectively proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That's where this book comes in.

Tim Welch writes with wit, wisdom, and above all, clarity, about the technology tools now available to parish ministers. He tackles topics like having the right computer, the necessary software, and ways to effectively use the internet and email. He suggests tools for working with spreadsheets and managing data, ways to create and share PDFs, tips for using PowerPoint or Keynote, ideas for making your own presentations with iTunes and podcasts, methods of creating a parish Website, and so much more.

This is a great introduction to the world of technology for parish ministers, but it is more than that. It is a challenging invitation to use every means available today to effectively announce the Reign of God.

Tim Welch has been involved in digital technology since 1983, taking his first classes in BASIC and Pascal computer languages, while still working in a parish. His interest in technology, and using it as a tool in ministry, has grown ever since. He firmly believes that we must use the tools of technology to tell the Story of Jesus Christ--and tell it well.