St. Benedict's Guide to Improving Your Work Life -- Workplace as Worthplace

St. Benedict's Guide to Improving Your Work Life --  <I>Workplace as Worthplace</i>
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Author: Michael Rock

6 X 9” – 128 pages -- Please note: we ask our Canadian friends to order this directly from Novalis - we cannot ship this to Canada

The most successful people remain motivated, engaged, and passionate about their work despite any challenges that arise. And the most exciting new motivational strategy doesn’t come from a business journal, but from a sixth century monk.

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Author and management consultant Michael Rock examines Benedict’s writings and teachings on the value of work, presenting the workplace as “worthplace,” where one can find meaning, wholeness, and connectedness—a bridge to the spiritual. Building on ideas and approaches from the world of emotional intelligence, Rock explores the role of emotions at the heart of engagement.

This powerful book is for employees, managers, entrepreneurs and anyone searching for true meaning in their daily work.

Michael Rock holds a Doctorate in Adult Education from Indiana University and has been a professor and consultant in human relations, organizational behavior, business ethics, and emotional intelligence studies for over 35 years.