Spirituality Book Bundle

Spirituality Book Bundle

Spirituality Book Bundle. Purchase all 3 for just $25!
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Praying Our Way Toward Wholeness – A Step by Step Guide to Daily Prayer
Author: Tracy O’Sullivan, O. Carm, 112 pages, 5.5” x 8.5”
left“One of the best ways to encounter Jesus,” says Fr. Tracy O’Sullivan, “is unswerving commitment to deep personal prayer.” And in this simple and elegant guide, he shows us step by step the path to such life-changing prayer as practiced in the Carmelite tradition.

“The Carmelite tradition,” he says, “is a special roadmap created by some of the great saints and Doctors of the Church. It is a call for beginners, a lift for those on the way, and an awesome guide for those approaching home. One thing we all share is that we need to take the next step.”

Wherever you are on the spiritual path, the wisdom you’ll find in this powerful book “will help you discover what is next for you in walking with Jesus in prayer.”

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Benedictine Promises for Everyday People – Staying Put, Listening Well, Being Changed by God
Author: Rachel M. Srubas, 136 pages, 5.5” x 8.5”
leftIn our noisy and hectic world, it can be tempting to look at the quiet, prayerful pace of life in a monastery and wish we were there. But Rachel Srubas knows that we don’t need to move to a monastery to tap into the spiritual wisdom of those who do. In this engaging, spiritual, and very down-to earth book, she shows us how the three promises of the followers of St. Benedict—staying put, listening well, and being changed by God—can be applied to our everyday lives, no matter our situation.

Blending Scripture, Benedict’s Rule, and experiences from her own life, Srubas guides us into the prayerful, observant world of the monastery in the middle of our daily lives. In finding our own ways to stay put and listen well, we will find ourselves changed by God, and our lives will be enriched beyond measure.

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The Grace of Patience – Discovering the Abundance of Waiting
Author: Margaret Whipp, 112 pages, 5.5” x 8.5”
leftHaving to wait is a fact of life. And depending on what we’re waiting for, the experience can leave us feeling frustrated, anxious, or even fearful. We can’t escape these times of waiting, but in them we can discover the gift and beauty of patience. In this spiritually rich and beautifully written book, Margaret Whipp explores several kinds of waiting and shows how each can become a moment of grace in our lives. She offers helpful activities and exercises to turn these moments of disquiet into prayerful encounters with calm and peace. Patience is not only a virtue; it is a gift, and one ready and waiting to be opened in these pages.

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