Spirit and Truth A Self-Guided Scripture Study for Confirmation and Beyond, a Candidate Resource

Spirit and Truth <I>A Self-Guided Scripture Study for Confirmation and Beyond, a Candidate Resource</I>
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Author: Mike Carotta!

5.5 X 8.5” – 88 pages

Spirit and Truth vividly illustrates how life in the Spirit is at the heart of what the Church celebrates in confirmation.

In a study-journal format, it allows candidates to…

►Work through a structured self study on their own time, engaging in spiritual formation “on their minutes”

►Study over 80 Old and New Testament passages as well as what the Church teaches about the Spirit

►Reflect on their personal experience with the Spirit through open-ended questions based on Scripture passages.

Spirit and Truth complements Have Faith and does not repeat any of that material. Candidates can use both this journal and Have Faith as part of their preparation. Spirit and Truth is like having Mike Carotta work directly with your confirmation candidates!

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