Responding to the Sexual Abuse Crisis – A supplement to the Parish Emergency Kit

Responding to the Sexual Abuse Crisis &ndash; <i>A supplement to the Parish Emergency Kit</i>

When we published The Parish Emergency Kit a little over a month ago, we had no idea that an emergency of such an almost unbelievable scope was about to explode on the Church. With the resignation of Cardinal McCarrick and the release of the Pennsylvania Grand Jury report, our church finds itself once again embroiled in the horror and tragedy of sexual abuse perpetrated and hidden by clergy at all levels. This e-resource, like the rest of The Parish Emergency Kit, offers suggestions for dealing with the pain and betrayal so many are feeling, along with models for prayers and rituals that can be adapted to your individual parish. We hope it will foster deep and meaningful discussion, and that it will lead to the restoration of goodness and hope in our badly wounded Church.

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