Center for HOMILY Preparation

HOMILY Preparation
For many Catholics, the main contact they have with the parish comes at Sunday Liturgy, as Pope Francis says in The Joy of the Gospel. There, in the music, readings, homily, and Eucharist, they are engaged. This is our opportunity to reach and touch their hearts.

For this reason, the quality of the homily is terribly important. We offer a host of resource here, most by your brother priests and deacons, to assist you.

The Gift of Preaching -- <I>Exploring the 10 Principles that Bring a Homily to Life</i>
$2.95, 100/$249.00, 300/$597.00, 600/$1,134.00, 1000/$1,790.00
Funeral Homilies from Fr. Bill Bausch
Retail price: $19.95
Our price: $17.95
The Story Revealed -- <I>Homilies that Sustain, Inspire, and Engage</I>
Retail price: $29.95
Our price: $26.96