Parish Leadership & Stewardship
We give thanks for all of you who step forward to serve as parish leaders. Many of you work in multiple ministries in the parish as ordained, lay, or religious. You are the heartbeat of the parish!

Here at Twenty-Third Publications we have stood beside you in your ministry for almost fifty years! And we stand beside you today with these important resources, designed to serve across parish lines.

Total Parish Development &ndash; <em>Understanding, Organizing and Implementing Your Plan for an Engaged Catholic Community</em>
Retail price: $19.95
Our price: $17.95
Listening to the Spirit &ndash; <em>Balancing Ministry and Management in Parish Life</em>
Retail price: $4.95
Our price: $4.95, 50/$224.50, 100/$399.00, 200/$698.00
The Wounded Body of Christ &ndash; <em>A Parish Discussion Guide on Abuse in the Catholic Church</em>
Retail price: $2.95
Our price: $2.95, 100/$249.00, 300/$597.00, 600/$1,134.00, 1000/$1,790.00
8 Ways to Build Parish Community &ndash; <em>A Practical Guide for Ministers and Parish Leaders</em>
Retail price: $6.95
Our price: $6.25
What Can I Do?  &ndash; <em>8 Ways to Help Build Community in Your Parish</em>
Retail price: $2.95
Our price: $2.95, 100/$249.00, 300/$597.00, 600/$1,134.00, 1000/$1,790.00
The Parish Guide to Volunteer Ministry &ndash; <em>Encouragement, Support, Guidance</em>
Retail price: $6.95
Our price: $6.25
Thank You for Volunteering
Retail price: $2.95
Our price: $2.95, 100/$249.00, 300/$597.00, 600/$1,134.00, 1000/$1,790.00
Inviting God &ndash; <i>Simple, Creative Prayers for Meetings</i>
Retail price: $12.95
Our price: $11.65
The Parish Emergency Kit  &ndash; <i>Responding with Compassion when Tragedy Strikes</i>
Retail price: $7.95
Our price: $7.95, 10/$69.50, 25/$148.75, 50/$247.50
I Was a Stranger and You Took Me In  &ndash; <em>A Guide for Ministering to Returning Catholics</em>
Retail price: $9.95
Our price: $3.48
Take a step forward in faith &ndash; <i>Free e-resource</i>
Take Stock of Life in your Parish: Welcoming &ndash; <i> FREE e-resource</i>
The Joy of the Gospel -- <I> 6 Small Group Sessions from Pope Francis’ Joy of the Gospel</I>
$3.50, 10/$29.50, 50/$122.50, 100/$195.00
The Joy of the Gospel <i>Resources for your parish</i>
Our Parish At Prayer: Prayerbooks for the Whole Community
$0.99, 50/$44.50, 100/$79.00, 500/$345.00
The Parish Guide to Social Media: <I>How Social Networking Can Recharge Your Ministry</I>
Retail price: $9.95
Our price: $8.96
Forming Generous Hearts: Stewardship planning for lifelong faith formation
Retail price: $14.95
Our price: $13.45, 7/$83.72
Prayerbook for Parish Councilors
Retail price: $0.99
Our price: $0.35