Our Catholic Family

Our Catholic Family &ndash; <i>Activities, Conversations, and Prayer for Sharing Faith at Home</i>
Our Catholic Family – Activities, Conversations, and Prayer for Sharing Faith at Home
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104 pages, 6" x 9"

Every catechist and DRE knows just how important and necessary it is for faith formation to extend into the home and to become part of Catholic family life. This simple and attractive new book can be a powerful help for families to share in faith-filled conversation, to engage in enjoyable religious activities, and to pray together.

  • The book demonstrates how to bring the liturgy home.
  • It covers the entire liturgical year.
  • It helps bring the Catholic faith to important civil holidays.
  • It provides prayers and blessings that help develop the habit of family prayer.
  • It offers a treasure trove of traditional Catholic prayers and devotions.

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