Open Hearts - Open Minds -- Working together even when some disagree

Open Hearts - Open Minds -- <I>Working together even when some disagree</i>
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Prepared by the Team at the Pastoral Center

eResource Kit for Parish Conversations on Creation Care

Pope Francis is asking all of us to become activists for environmental justice. He wants us to talk together locally, devise local and national solutions, and work to change the systems that keep people poor, endanger creation, and lead to the breakdown of the gifts which God has given us "to till and keep."

Moving away from divisive either/or politics
But how do we do this when some people disagree about the causes of and cures for environmental degradation? Some people believe this is all politically motivated somehow. Others believe strongly in the profit motive as the primary engine for wealth. Some people cannot stop consuming -- buying, using-and-throwing-away, and exploiting creation in the process.

Let's talk...
So how do we talk together in this charged political environment? These resources will help you do that. They include:
Open Hearts - Open Minds -- a guide to holding parish discussions
Rules for Talking it over Together -- Common sense guidelines for your gatherings
Advocating for Environmental Justice -- Concrete and proven ways in which parishioners can get involved locally and nationally