Nuts & Bolts of Daily Spirituality

Nuts & Bolts of Daily Spirituality
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Author: Fr David Knight

5.5 X 8.5" -- 112 pages -- softcover

Christian life is a mystery, says Father Knight. The saints make it look easy, but for most of us, putting divine love into practice can take a minor miracle. Until this book came along. Here are practical tips and simple habits you can start doing right now to help you:
► enrich your prayer life
► get more out of the Mass
► deepen your relationships
► discover what’s mystical in your life
► get to know God as deeply and passionately as God wants to know you.

Direct and refreshingly simple, these workable solutions might have you wondering if it’s really this easy to grow into “that fullness of life that is the perfection of love.” “Father Knight assures us that it is. The perfect book for those looking to grow their faith-life, one step at a time.”

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From a varied background as missionary, teacher, pastor, professor, retreat director, and campus minister, Father Knight’s ministry has come to focus on making mystical experience commonplace in conscious Christian living.

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