Grace: God's Greatest Gift

Grace: God's Greatest Gift
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Author: Bill Huebsch

5.5 X 8.5" -- 112 pages

Chosen by the readers of US CATHOLIC as one of the top seven most influential books on the Christian life for today's people.

One of the turning points of the Second Vatican Council was surely our restored understanding of Grace. This theology, offered by Karl Rahner SJ, among others, teaches us that grace is free, that it comes from God alone, and that it is offered to everyone! Grace is God revealing God's own very self to us! Remarkable, indeed!

This book presents the spirituality of grace. It is written with power, enthusiasm, depth, and disarming simplicity. Bill Huebsch's distinctive prose images and storytelling create an unforgettable journey to the mystery and wonder of the "other side" of our everyday experiences.

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Here we discover anew the grace-filled heart of the Lord. Preachers will find in this book new avenues of inspiration and storytelling to enrich their ministry of pointing out moments of grace in the scriptures. Teachers will learn a new and vital way to pass on the tradition of grace, in all its beauty and mystery. Ministers of healing will discover in these verses a sensitive and curative way to touch the wounded with the power of God. And all readers will rediscover the power and beauty of God's grace.

Note: This book was previously published under the title, The New Look at Grace: A Spirituality of Wholeness in 1987. This edition is revised and updated.

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