Never Stop Praying Weekly Reflection Questions – Free e-Resource

Never Stop Praying Weekly Reflection Questions &ndash; <i>Free e-Resource</i>

Want to “pray always,” as the apostle Paul recommends, but aren’t sure how to start? These 26 themes will help you focus and deepen your prayer life, making it as regular as breathing! Perfect for individual reflection and group sharing.

Never Stop Praying &ndash; <i>Weekly Mini-Retreats to Grow Your Faith Each Day</i>
Author: Leo Gafney

128 pages, 5.5” x 8.5”

Never Stop Praying is a clear, concise, and simple guide to “praying always,” as Paul instructs us. Designed to make our random moments (driving, walking, doing dishes) times of prayer, the 26 weekly themes offer reflections, Scripture, and a weekly action that makes prayer an activity as regular as breathing—and as important as action!

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