Meet Leisa Anslinger!

Meet Leisa Anslinger!
National Leader in StrengthsFinder work and in Parish Engagement & Stewardship

Leisa Anslinger has a long history in parish ministry, most recently at IHM in Cincinnati. Her parish work has helped form Leisa as an effective adviser to others in pastoral ministry.

Leisa speaks nationally on several key topics. She is a known expert on lifelong catechesis and stewardship. These two dimensions of parish life intertwine in Leisa's work, one informing the other. "For lasting results in stewardship," Leisa says, "a strong process for adult conversion and formation must be in place. Otherwise, you get a fund raising flash-in-the-pan!"

She also provides workshops on using StrengthsFinder in the Catholic Community. And, related to that, also provides parish-changing workshops on parishioner engagement.

Leisa holds a Bachelor's degree in Music Education from St. Mary-of-the-Woods College, a Masters in Secondary School Counseling from Purdue University and a Master of Arts in Religion from the Athenaeum of Ohio.

Leisa is the author of Here Comes Everybody! Whole Community Catechesis in the Parish. This book has helped thousands shape their own lifelong faith formation programs.She is also co-author with Bill Huebsch of Desires of the Heart, a powerful prayer book to accompany The Growing Faith Project or simply to stand alone as a personal source of prayer inspiration. Her most recent work is Forming Generous Hearts: Stewardship Planning for Lifelong Faith Formation, co-authored with Vikki Shepp.

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Via phone: (513) 201-8545