Meet Father Bill Bausch!

Meet  Father Bill Bausch!
Fr Bill Bausch

The Pastor of Pastors!

William J. Bausch is a retired priest of the Diocese of Trenton, New Jersey, who works at a local parish and continues to give lectures, retreats, and days and evenings of reflection. Over the years, he has been mentor and friend to thousands of priests, deacons and parish ministers alike. His wisdom and profound faithfulness are deeply embedded in all his work.

For us at Twenty-Third Publications, Fr Bausch is like a Pastor. He is our friend, our inspiration, and our model for parish ministry. And for YOU who work in parish ministry, he is an adviser and source of powerful ministry ideas!

Browse through his many works here and choose those which will best serve your own role in ministry. We've all been very fortunate to share our journey of faith with Fr Bill Bausch.