Meet Peg Bowman!

Meet Peg Bowman!
Religious educator! A Passion for the Sacraments!

For nearly forty years, Peg Bowman has been a religious educator with a passion for sharing her love of the Catholic Church, especially its Liturgy and Sacraments, with students of all ages.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Religion and Education with a concentration in liturgy, and a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Theology with a concentration in social justice ministry. She is the author of several religion text books, dozens of articles in religious journals and magazines, and the original “At Home with the Sacraments” series from Twenty-Third Publications, which has been revised to become this new sacramental series.

She has also been a popular speaker and workshop presenter and, most recently, the author and actor in a series of one-woman plays about women from Scripture.

Her ongoing ministry at her own parish, where she serves as director of liturgy and evangelization, keeps her squarely in the present-day Church with all its joys, challenges and ultimate answers for individuals and for families.