Make Us a Home for All – Prayers for Accompanying Parishes

Make Us a Home for All &ndash; <em>Prayers for Accompanying Parishes</em>

Author: Connie Clark

24 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"

Help us see that we are never alone, but together—walking with all of our brothers and sisters—in your divine, merciful heart...

Based on Promise and Hope, the landmark book of theological reflection by Bill Huebsch, this collection of prayers can serve as a guide for parishes seeking to embrace accompaniment in pastoral ministry. Included are prayers of healing, blessing, examination of conscience, and more, all following a pattern of theological reflection suggested in Promise and Hope. This prayerful way of listening to the Holy Spirit invites meditation on Scripture and documents of Church teaching. The prayers are helpful for small groups studying Promise and Hope but are also suitable for sharing parish wide.

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