The Liturgy of the Word with Children

The Liturgy of the Word with Children
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Author: Katie Thompson

8.5 X 11" -- 393 pages

A complete three-year program following the Lectionary. Includes handouts and CD of music.

This is the perfect resource for Catholic Schools or Parish Religious Ed programs. Creative, do-able, and prayerful - this resources will help you improve and sustain high quality liturgy with the children whom you serve.

This perfectly delightful and all-inclusive resource covers Years A, B, and C of the liturgical cycle. It is perfect for parishes who schedule a children's Liturgy of the Word as well as for those who simply want materials to prepare children for the weekly liturgy. It is geared to ages 5-8 and for each week of the lectionary cycle there are creative hand-out activity sheets that involve children in the scriptural message. Best of all, it offers informative background notes and directions for liturgy leaders, parents, catechists, and all who work with parish children. This is a must-have resource for every parish. It also includes a music CD of original lyrics set to familiar children's tunes.

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