Letters from Jesus : Experiencing the Depth of His Love

Letters from Jesus : <I> Experiencing the Depth of His Love</I>
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Author: Eddie Ensley with Father Angelo Arrando

5.5 X 8.5” – 104 pages

A wonderful review: This is indeed the way Jesus would talk to us! How much we need such confidence and such encouragement in our world today. When Jesus is allowed to speak for himself, people are always healed—in the very hearing. In this case, in the very reading! Why have we made elitist that which was meant to be common? Why have we made rare that which was for all? Why have we made Christianity a moral matter instead of a mystical one? The outpouring at Pentecost was the democritization of all religion, and here we have a book of spiritual gems, living experience, and traditional wisdom that again offers God's great outpouring! --- Richard Rohr,O.F.M. -- Center for Action and Contemplation -- Albuquerque, New Mexico

Deacon Eddie Ensley and Father Arrando speak here through intimate letters from Jesus,in vivid, poetic imagery, to help readers hear God speaking deep within them and thus to experience God, Jesus, and life itself as never before.

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In a time like ours when most of us yearn for intimacy more than doctrine and for peaceful affection more than correctness, it is a blessing to find a collection of quiet whispers and sacred exchanges like Letters from Jesus. Indeed, these letters seem to be more conversations than letters. Savor them and be comforted. Phyllis Tickle, former Religion Editor, Publishers Weekly

Letters from Jesus speaks volumes about the closeness that Deacon Eddie Ensley and Father Angelo Arrando have with our Lord Jesus. They capture the human journey we all walk with its many joys and fears, laughter and tears. These letters offer readers a deep sense of peace, hope, and joy, and the assurance that we do not walk alone—that Jesus takes each step with us and from that oneness we draw strength. Deacon George H Foster, Director, Permanent Diaconate, Diocese of Savannah

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