Mercy Resources

As we celebrate our Jubilee Year of Mercy, let the message of Pope Francis and other great writers continue to resonate, urging us to keep the action of mercy alive.

People of Godís Mercy &ndash;  <i>What 14 figures from Scripture Reveal about Divine Compassion</i>
Retail price: $14.95
Our price: $13.45
Becoming a Parish of Mercy &ndash;<i>A New Vision for Total Parish Evangelization</i>
Retail price: $10.95
Our price: $9.85
Living a Life of Mercy &ndash; <i>30 Reflections, Prayers and Practices</i>
Retail price: $1.95
Our price: $1.95, 100/$149.00, 300/$297.00, 600/$534.00, 1000/$790.00
Becoming a Person of Mercy
Retail price: $12.95
Our price: $11.66
Keeping Mercy Alive &ndash; <i>FREE e-resource</i>
Divine Mercy (Threshold Bible Study)
Retail price: $12.95
Our price: $11.66, 7/$72.62
What Pope Francis Says About Mercy
$1.95, 100/$149.00, 300/$297.00, 600/$534.00, 1000/$790.00
Be Merciful -- <I>Reflections on the Spiritual & Corporal Works of Mercy</i>
$2.95, 100/$249.00, 300/$597.00, 600/$1,134.00, 1000/$1,790.00
Living with Christ -  <i>the JUBILEE of Mercy</i>
Godís Tender Mercy &ndash; <I>Reflections on Forgiveness</I>
Retail price: $10.95
Our price: $10.95, 7/$61.32
Living with Christ -  <i>the JUBILEE of Mercy</i>