Jesus, the Messianic King Part Two (Matthew 17-28)

Jesus, the Messianic King  <I>Part Two (Matthew 17-28) </I>
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Author: Stephen J Binz

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“Threshold Bible Study challenges us to a deeper awareness of both Scripture and our own actions. The discussion questions do far more than inform; they ask for commitment and assent on the part of the reader.” —Kathleen Chesto, author of Embracing Our Blessings: Faces of the Beatitudes

Threshold Bible Study is a dynamic, informative, and inspiring way to enter into a deeper relationship with God through Scripture. Each of its 30-lesson, theme-based books will help readers explore (through the lectio divina method of reading, study, and reflection) new dimensions of their faith. It will help them discover deeper insights for their lives and help open the doors of their hearts to the risen Christ. Great for personal reflection as well as group study .

Jesus, the Messianic King Part Two (Matthew 17-28) The second half of Matthew’s Gospel moves from the Transfiguration to the Resurrection, announcing Jesus as the world’s true King. The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus bring the hopes of ancient Israel to their dramatic climax, linking Jesus’ royal character to his humble service and self-sacrificing love. This study completes the unique portrait of Jesus developed in the first half of Matthew’s Gospel and offers firm guidance for the Church and disciples today.

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