Jesus: the Master Catechist -- 12 Lessons from Jesus

Jesus: the Master Catechist -- <I>12 Lessons from Jesus</i>
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Written with warmth and grace by Bill Huebsch

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5.5 X 8.5” – 96 pages – includes group study guide

Catechists learn best by watching others—master catechists. And there is no better Master Catechist than Jesus himself. This engaging and informative guide examines how we can become better catechists by following Jesus’ example. Taking lessons from Pope Francis’ The Joy of the Gospel, The General Directory for Catechesis, and the gospels themselves, we learn how to draw people around us, speak clearly of the Father’s love, and extend God’s endless forgiveness to our students. We learn about praying for our students, and how to lead them to the brink of the paschal mystery, trusting in divine grace for the rest. An indispensable book to help catechists integrate Jesus’ gospel message into the whole of their being.

Here's what one review has said about this book:

Bill Huebsch again demonstrates his unique ability to get quickly and simply to the heart of the most complex matters. In this clear volume, he quickly gathers his readers at the feet of the Master Catechist and lets the Gospel and the Church remind catechists old and new that their only job is to lead learners to Christ. This inspiring book is a must for everyone called to be a catechist. --Cullen Schippe, President and Publisher, Pflaum Publishing Group

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Bill Huebsch has served as a catechist since his childhood. He combines that experience with solid theology and a deep love for Jesus as he presents this wonderful book to you.

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