Our Catholic Life: The Mystery of God (Creed)
What Pope Francis Says About Peace – 30 Days of Reflections and Prayers
#1 Growing Faith (packs of 10): The Inborn Hunger for God
#10 Growing Faith (packs of 10): The Reality of Sin & Grace
#11 Growing Faith (in packs of 10): Christ is the Messiah!
#12 Growing Faith (packs of 10): Mary: Mother of God & of the Church
#13 Growing Faith (packs of 10): Jesus Christ & the Reign of God
#14 Growing Faith (packs of 10): The Passion of Jesus Christ
#15 Growing Faith (packs of 10): Resurrection & Ascension
#16 Growing Faith (packs of 10): The Holy Spirit is our Guide
#17 Growing Faith (packs of 10) The Mystery of the Church
#18 Growing Faith (packs of 10): One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic
#19 Growing Faith (packs of 10): The People of the Church
#2 Growing Faith (packs of 10): God Reveals a Loving Plan for Humankind
#20 Growing Faith (packs of 10): Heaven, Hell, & the End of Life
#21 Growing Faith (packs of 10): Liturgy is the Work of the People
#22 Growing Faith (packs of 10): The People, Places, & Rites of Liturgy
#23 Growing Faith (packs of 10): Baptism: Initiation into the Church
#24 Growing Faith (packs of 10): Confirmation: the Holy Spirit Gives Us Power
#26 Growing Faith (packs of 10): Reconciliation: God's Never-ending Mercy
#27 Growing Faith(packs of 10): Anointing: God's Healing Power
#28 Growing Faith (packs of 10): Holy Orders: Consecrated for Service
#29 Growing Faith (packs of 10): Matrimony: Consecrated for Love
#3 Growing Faith (packs of 10): The Church & Divine Revelation
#30 Growing Faith (packs of 10): We are Made to be Free in God
#31 Growing Faith (packs of 10): Morality & Conscience
#32 Growing Faith (packs of 10): Faith, Hope, & Charity
#33 Growing Faith (packs of 10) Sin is Missing the Mark
#34 Growing Faith (packs of 10): Society & Human Dignity
#35 Growing Faith (packs of 10): Grace & Merit
#36 Growing Faith (packs of 10): The Ten Commandments
#37 Growing Faith (packs of 10): No Strange Gods
#38 Growing Faith (packs of 10): Keeping Sabbath Holy
#39 Growing Faith (packs of 10): Honoring Parents
#4 Growing Faith (packs of 10): How God Speaks to Us in Scripture
#40 Growing Faith (packs of 10): On Life & Death
#41 Growing Faith (packs of 10): Called to be Chaste
#42 Growing Faith (packs of 10): Possessions, Greed, & Generosity
#43 Growing Faith (packs of 10): Honesty & Truth-telling
#44 Growing Faith (packs of 10); Called to Encounter God
#45 Growing Faith (packs of 10): Forms & Styles of Prayer
#46 Growing Faith (packs of 10): The Wellsprings of Prayer
#47 Growing Faith (packs of 10): Pathways & Obstacles in Prayer
#48 Growing Faith (packs of 10): Praying as Jesus Taught
#5 Growing Faith (packs of 10): Our Response to God is Faith
#6 Growing Faith(packs of 10): The One True God, in Whom We Believe
#7 Growing Faith(packs of 10): God is One in Three
#8 Growing Faith (packs of 10): God is the Creator of the World
#9 Growing Faith (packs of 10): We are Created in God's Image
10 Promises of Jesus – Stories and Scripture Reflections on Suffering and Joy
12 Fun and Easy Plays for Middle Schoolers
2018 - 2019 Misal Dominical Para Ninos Catolicos
2018 Adult Advent Calendar (Spanish)
2018 Adult Advent Calendar Catholic
2018 Advent Children's Calendar
2018-2019 Living with Christ Sunday Missal
2018-2019 Living with Christ Sunday Missal for Young CatholicsSOLD OUT!
22 Steps to a Great Catholic Parish
25 Questions about Catholic Heroes & Saints
25 Questions about Prayer
25 Questions about Signs and Symbols
25 Questions about the Founders of the World’s Major Religions
25 Questions about the Mass
25 Questions about the Pope
25 Questions about what We See in a Catholic Church
30 Creative Classroom Crafts, Lessons, & Prayers
30 Days Confession – Reflections and Inspiration on Celebrating the Sacrament
30 Days on Stewardship – Reflections and Inspiration on Sharing God’s Gifts
30 Days on the Mass – Reflections and Inspiration on how we Celebrate
30 Days Toward a Vibrant Spirituality
30 Days with 30 Saints
30 Days with Ignatius of Loyola – Words of guidance and truth
30 Days with Oscar Romero -- Words of strength and truth
30 Days with Our Lady of Guadalupe – Words of prayer and hope
30 Days with St. Elizabeth Ann Seton -- Words of faith and courage
30 Days with St. Francis of Assisi -- Words of Inspiration
30 Days with St. Teresa of Calcutta –Words of courage and love
30 Days with Thomas Merton -- Words of contemplation and hope
33 Mass Lessons and Activities for Young Children
365 Devotions for Catholics – Daily Inspiration from Living Faith
365 Prayers for Catholic Schools & Parish Youth Groups – Interactive, Seasonal, Traditional
37 Catholic Classroom Crafts…in 20 minutes or less!
50 Prayer Services for Middle Schoolers -- For every season of the Church year and more
500 Prayers for Catholic Schools & Parish Youth Groups
70 Church Year Lesson Starters for Kids and Those who Teach Them
70 Prayer Starters for Children ...and those who teach them
8 Ways to Build Parish Community – A Practical Guide for Ministers and Parish Leaders
We Share in the Eucharist and We Prepare for Reconciliation
A Circle of Saints: Stories and Activities for Children ages 4-8
A Community of Disciples -- Making your parish all it can be
A Cry is Heard – My Path to Peace
A Decision to Love - Leader's Guide
A Decision to Love Kit-10 books – plus 1 Leader’s Guide
A Decision to Love: Couple's Book
A Deep, Abiding Love – Pondering Life’s Depth with Julian of Norwich
A Fresh Look at Confession Why it Really is Good for the Soul
A Fresh Look at the Mass -- A Helpful Guide to Better Understand and Celebrate the Mystery
A Guide to Quiet Prayer -- The Catholic Way to Pray
A New Examination of Conscience – The Divine U-Turn
A Parish Guide for Bereavement Ministry & Funeral Planning
A Prayer of Gratitude
A Season of Holiness – Daily Reflections, Prayers and Practices
A Simple Guide to Happiness
A Teacher's Prayer Book: to Know & Love Your Students
A Treasury of Marian Prayers –A Handbook of Popular Devotions
A World of Stories for Preachers & Teachers
Abiding in Prayer – Abiding in Prayer
ACTS: A Simple Way to Pray Today – Free e-Resource
ADULT Formation & Evangelization
Advent Booklets
Advent Booklets
Advent Light (Threshold Bible Study)
Advent Resources
An Anthology of Saints …official, unofficial, and would-be saints
An Invitation to Catholic Faith
Angels of God (Threshold Bible Study)
Arts and Crafts from A to Z
Aspects of the Heart -- The many paths to a good life
At Home with the Sacraments - The SET: 1 each of all 4 titles
At Home with the Sacraments - Baptism
At Home with the Sacraments - Confirmation
At Home with the Sacraments - Eucharist
At Home with the Sacraments - Reconciliation
At Home with the Sacraments -- a resource for parents
Baptism Prep
Be Born in Us Today – Praying the Stations of Advent and Christmas
Be Merciful -- Reflections on the Spiritual & Corporal Works of Mercy
Beatitudes in the Workplace
Becoming A Church of Lifelong Learners -- CD included!
Becoming a Fervent Disciple – Practical Tools for Developing a Deeper, Daily Relationship with Jesus
Becoming a Parish of Mercy –A New Vision for Total Parish Evangelization
Becoming a Person of Mercy
Becoming Faith Citizens as Kids --Notes for lesson plans in elementary religious ed & schools
Being the Body of Christ What the People of the Passion Teach us about Jesus Today
Beyond Pain – Job, Jesus, and Joy
Beyond Violence: The Spirit of the Non-violent Christ
Blessed Is Marriage A Guide to the Beatitudes for Catholic Couples
Booklets for everyone
Breaking Open the Scriptures – Inspiration and Professional Growth
Buy the Collection! 1 of each of the 28 titles in the Threshold Bible Study series
Buy the Combo: Walking the Sacred Path -- the Book + the Music
Called to Change the World – Reflections, Prayers and Practices for Teens on Service and Mary’s “Yes”
Catechesis & Faith Formation
Catechetical Crafts for the Liturgical Year
Catechetical Leaders for Lifelong Faith Formation
Catechist Formation and Preparation
Catechist Formation with INTO THE FIELDS
Catholic Customs & Traditions -- All about Advent & Christmas
Catholic Customs & Traditions -- On the Sacramentals
Catholic Customs & Traditions -- All about Lent & Easter
Catholic Customs & Traditions -- All about Mary
Catholic Customs & Traditions 20th Anniversary hardcover edition
Catholic Customs & Traditions: A Popular Guide
Catholic Kid's Library: We Pray in Many Ways
Catholic Kid’s Library: We Go to Mass
Catholic Kid’s Library: We are Catholic
Celebrating Eucharist: A Mass Book for Children
Celebrating Prayer – An Illustrated Book of Prayers for Children
Celebrating the Sacraments – Inspiration and Professional Growth
Celebrating Your Child's Confirmation -- a resource for parents
Celebrating Your Child's Sacraments – Baptism, Communion, Reconciliation, Confirmation
Celebrating Your Child’s Baptism / Celebren el bautismo de sus hijos -- a resource for parents
Celebrating Your Child’s First Communion -- a resource for parents
Celebrating Your Child’s First Reconciliation -- a resource for parents
Celebrating Your Role as a Godparent
Celebren el bautismo de sus hijos
Change it Up! – Over 150 Creative Catechetical Ideas to add Variety to Your Lessons
Children's LITURGY of the WORD
Christ Have Mercy -- A parish eResource retreat kit
Christian Discipleship
Christian Prayer
Christian Spirituality
Christian Spirituality
Church of the Holy Spirit: Acts, part one
Church of the Holy Spirit: Acts, part two
Classroom Resources – for teachers & catechists
Co-Creators with God: Creative Strategies for Faith Formation
Come Gather 'Round
Coming Together as a Learning Community – Free e-Resource
Communicating the Faith – Inspiration and Professional Growth
Confirmation in junior or senior high (after Eucharist)
Confirmed in the Joy of the Spirit – A Confirmation Journal for Teens Inspired by Saintly Heroes
Constant Hope – Reflections and Meditations to Strengthen the Spirit
Countdown to Confirmation
Creciendo en la Fe - Guia del Facilitador en CD
Creciendo en la Fe: Recurso excelente de la educación de adultos
Crossword Christian – Keys to the Puzzle of Discipleship
Daffy Definitions for Seniors -- with a laugh & a prayer
Desires of the Heart: Prayers for Growing Faith
Disciples of All Nations
Discover Discipleship – Inspiration and Professional Growth
Divine Mercy (Threshold Bible Study)
Divine Renovation
Divine Renovation -- Group Reading Guide
Divine Renovation -- Bringing Your Parish from Maintenance to Mission
Divine Renovation Guidebook – A Step-By-Step Manual for Transforming Your Parish
Dreams and Visions: Pastoral Planning for Lifelong Faith Formation
Easter Blessings – Called to Share God’s Many Gifts
Embracing the Vision
Employment/Job Openings
Engaging the "Parking Lot Parent" – A Catechist’s Guide to Fostering Parent Participation
Enriching Faith -- Lessons and Activities on Prayer
Enriching Faith -- Lessons, Activities and Prayers on What Makes Us Catholic
Enriching Faith -- Lessons, Prayers and Activities on the Teachings of Jesus
Enriching Faith -- Lessons and Activities on Mary
Enriching Faith: Lessons & Activities on the Bible
Enriching Faith: Prayers and Activities on Service
Eucharist (Holy Communion)
Eucharist (Threshold Bible Study)
Eucharist: It's All About Christ -- 3-in 1 DVD
Evangelization and Catechesis – Echoing the Good News Through the Documents of the Church
Everyday Epiphanies -- Rediscovering the Sacred in Everything
Everyday Holiness – Free e-resource
Everyday Holiness Prayer Card – Free e-resource
Everyday Mysticism: Meeting God Face to Face
Exploring the Old Testament – Creation, Covenant, Prophecy, and Kingship
Facing Cancer with Mary – Reflections, Prayers and Spiritual Practices
Faith, Hope, and a Bird Called George A Spiritual Fable
Faith, Religion & Theology
Fashioning a People Today: the Educational Insights of Maria Harris
Felices Juntos: El diseño para un matrimonio amoroso
Finding Inner Peace – Easing Stress and Anxiety through Prayer
Finding Our Sacred Center: A journey to inner peace
Finding Your Spiritual Direction as a Catechist –Tools for Personal Growth
First Eucharist: We Share in the Eucharist
First Reconciliation: We Prepare for Reconciliation
Following Jesus Through the Church Year -- DVD
Footprints & Step by Step - buy both and save 20%!
Footprints in Faith: Lectionary Activity Book for Kids (ages 7-12)
For Everything There is a Season -- Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
Forgiveness: One Step at a Time
Forming a Community of Faith: A guide to success in adult faith formation
Forming Families in Faith: Cultivating Catechesis in the Home
Forming Generous Hearts: Stewardship planning for lifelong faith formation
Fostering Spirituality – Inspiration and Professional Growth
Free e-Resources
From Violence to Blessing
Full of Grace -- A New Year of Life for Your Baby—and For You!
Fun Faith Activites for Summer
Fun Prayer Activities for Summer -- Puzzles, games, and activities to help you talk to God!
Funeral Homilies from Fr. Bill Bausch
Getting to Know the Gospels
Gifted by God – A Confirmation Retreat Kit DVD
Gifted by God – Candidate’s Book
Gifted by God – Leader's guide
Giving and Living Thanks
Global Conscience
Glossary and Definitions from Laudato Si'
God's Enduring Presence: Strength for the Spiritual Journey
God's Own Child -- Baptism Prep
God's Own Child - 12 Pack + 2 Leader's Guides
God's Own Child -- the Leader's Guide
God's Word Comes Down
God’s Spousal Love
God’s Tender Mercy – Reflections on Forgiveness
Grace: God's Greatest Gift
Great Expectations: A Pastoral Guide for Partnering with Parents
Growing Faith -- The Facilitator Guide in English or Spanish
Growing Faith Materials -- for adult and youth formation
Guide Me Safely Home, Lord – Meditations of Hope Near the End of Life
Guide Them Safely Home, Lord – A Caregiver's Companion Near the End of Life Michael Mercer
Guidelines for Submitting Manuscripts to Twenty-Third Publications
Habits of Resilience -- Learning to Live Fully in the Midst of Loss
Habits of the Soul: Learning to Live on Purpose
Hanging onto Hope – Reflections and prayers for finding “good” in an imperfect world
Happy Together: The Catholic Blueprint for a Loving Marriage
Have Faith Leader's Guide
Have Faith: Sustaining the Spirit for Confirmation & Beyond
Have Mercy on Us -- Youth Ministry & Confirmation Event on Mercy
Having Mercy - Tener Misericordia -- 6 Small group sessions on Mercy
Healing Day by Day Scripture, Reflections, Practices and Prayers
Healing the Soul --Finding Peace and Consolation when Life Hurts
Healing Wounded Emotions
Healing Wounded Relationships
Heavenly Friends – An Introduction to the Beauty of Icons
Here’s How -- A Practical Guide for Planning and Teaching Your Catechetical Sessions
Holy Orders
Holy Wind, Holy Fire – Finding Your Vibrant Spirit through Scripture
Home Blessings: Honoring God's Presence in Every Room
HOMILY Preparation
How to be a Mindful Christian – 40 Simple Spiritual Practices
How to Make a First Communion Banner
How to Talk to Children about God
How to Talk to Children about Jesus
How to Talk to Children about Making Good Choices
How to Talk to Children About People with Disabilities
How to Talk to Children About Prayer
How to Talk to Children about the Mass
How to Talk to Children About The News
How To Talk To Your Children About
How to Teach about Mercy
I Like Being in Parish Ministry: Music Leader
I Like Being in Parish Ministry: the Assembly
I Want to See – What the Story of Blind Bartimaeus Teaches Us about Fear, Surrender and Walking the Path to Joy
I Was a Stranger and You Took Me In – A Guide for Ministering to Returning Catholics
I Will Praise You
Images of God Encountering the Divine through Visionary Prayer
In Due Season -- Reproducible Prayers for Advent, Christmas, and Winter Feastdays
In Due Season -- Reproducible Prayers for Spring, Lent, Easter, and Summer Feastdays
In God’s Embrace -- Prayers for Health & Healing
Interculturalism and Catechesis – A Catechist’s Guide to Responding the Cultural Diversity
Interior Journey – A Spirituality for Contemporary Seekers
Into the Fields - Facilitator's Guide
Introducing Catholic Prayer for RCIA Leaders
Inviting God – Simple, Creative Prayers for Meetings
Is There Room for Me? – A Catholic Guide and Response to Immigration
Jerusalem Journey – Lenten Devotions, Centerpiece and Stickers
Jerusalem, the Holy City (Threshold Bible Study)
Jesus, Open Our Hearts! – Daily Thoughts, Activities and Prayers
Jesus, Our Friend and Teacher – Daily Thoughts, Activities and Prayers
Jesus, the Compassionate Savior – Luke, Part 1
Jesus, the Compassionate Savior – Luke, Part 2
Jesus, the Messianic King Part One (Matthew 1-16)
Jesus, the Messianic King Part Two (Matthew 17-28)
Jesus, the Suffering Servant: Part One -- Mark 1-8
Jesus, the Suffering Servant:Part Two -- Mark 9-16
Jesus, Word Made Flesh: Part One -- John chapters 1-10
Jesus: the Master Catechist -- 12 Lessons from Jesus
Jesus: Word Made Flesh: Part Two -- John chapters 11-21
John Paul II
Joy of Love
Just the Text for Into the Fields
Kathleen Chesto on Anointing! -- DVD
Kathleen Chesto on Baptism! -- DVD
Kathleen Chesto on Confirmation! -- DVD
Kathleen Chesto on Eucharist! -- DVD
Kathleen Chesto on Holy Orders! -- DVD
Kathleen Chesto on Matrimony! -- DVD
Kathleen Chesto on Reconciliation! -- DVD
Keeping Mercy Alive – FREE e-resource
Keeping the Faith: Prayers for College Students
Kitchen Table Conversations: Preparing at Home for Sunday Eucharist
La Primera Reconciliacion de Ricky -- DVD
Leadership for Catholic Youth Ministry
Leading Young Catholics Into Scripture: Fun and Creative Ways to Bring the Bible to Life
Learning Centers for Advent & Lent
Learning Centers for Confirmation
Learning Centers for First Eucharist & Reconciliation
Learning Centers with the Saints
Learning from Mary: Our Model of Trust in God – Free e-Resource
Learning to Care for Creation - in the World -- a flier for busy parents!
Learning to Care for Creation -- at Home -- a flier for busy parents!
Lectio Divina
LENT & EASTER Resources
Lent 2019 Teen Calendar
Lent Booklets
Lent Resources
Lenten Practices – Free e-Resource
Lenten Resources for 2017
Let God Work Wonders! – Daily Reflections, Actions & Prayers
Let the Lord Build the House 8 Steps to Successful Pastoral Planning
Let Us Go Forth – 20 Teen Prayer Services for Liturgical, School and Family Occasions
Letters from Jesus : Experiencing the Depth of His Love
Letters to A Young Married Couple – Practical Wisdom and Guidance for the Newly Married
Liturgy and Catholic Identity – A Practical Guide for Catechists
Living a Life of Mercy – 30 Reflections, Prayers and Practices
Living at God's Speed Healing in God's Time
Living the Beatitudes -- Reflections, Prayers, and Practices for Teens
Living with Christ – Psalms and Prayers for Times of Grief
Living with Christ – Psalms and Prayers for Times of Sickness
Living with Christ - the JUBILEE of Mercy
Living Word! Living Water! Activity Book for Ages Preschool - Kindergarten
Living Word! Living Water! Resource Book for each Cycle
Living Word! Living Water! Children's Liturgy of the Word 65% OFF
Living Word! Living Water! Activity Book for 11-14 year-olds
Living Word! Living Water! Activity Book for 6-10 Year-olds
Living Your Discipleship 7 Ways to Express Your Deepest Calling
Magazines and Periodicals
Make Room for Scripture: An invitation to catechists and teachers
Making Prayer Part of Your Daily Life -- The Catholic Way to Pray
Marking Times of Transition in the Parish
Marriage (Matrimony)
Marriage and Family
Meditation: Instrumental Music for Prayer and Reflection –Cello and Harp
Meditation: Instrumental Music for Prayer and Reflection –Kora and Cello
Meditation: Instrumental Music for Prayer and Reflection –Zither & Piano
Meditations for Those Left Behind by Suicide
Meet Father Bill Bausch!
Meet Alice Camille!
Meet Anne Neuberger!
Meet Beryl Schewe!
Meet Beth Belcher!
Meet Bill Droel!
Meet Bill Huebsch!
Meet Charles Sidoti!
Meet Dan Connors!
Meet Dan Schutte!
Meet Dan Smart!
Meet Father David Knight!
Meet Father Joe Sica!
Meet Fr Bob Hater!
Meet Fr John Manno!
Meet Fr Martin Padovani!
Meet Fr Paul Boudreau!
Meet Joan Chittister!
Meet John Bosio!
Meet John Roberto!
Meet Kathleen Chesto!
Meet Kathy Hendricks!
Meet Kerry Weber!
Meet Leisa Anslinger!
Meet Len Swidler!
Meet Margrit Banta!
Meet Mark Fischer!
Meet Maureen Giocondo!
Meet Melanie Rigney & Anna LaNave!
Meet Michael Daley!
Meet Michael John and Bridget Olson!
Meet Mike Carotta!
Meet Nick Wagner!
Meet Our Authors!
Meet Paige Byrne Shortal!
Meet Patricia Mathson!
Meet Peg Bowman!
Meet Phyllis Wezeman!
Meet Sr Catherine Stewart OP
Meet Sr Janet Schaeffler, OP!
Meet Sr Joyce Rupp!
Meet Sr Kathleen Glavich SND!
Meet Sr Melannie Svoboda!
Meet Sr Valerie Schneider SND!
Meet Stephen J Binz!
Meeting Jesus on the Road to Emmaus – An Invitation to Friendship, Eucharist and Christian Community
Meeting Jesus through the Jesse Tree: Stories and Activities for Advent
Mercy Resources
Missionary Discipleship
Missionary Discipleship – Pope Francis’ Heartfelt Call to Catholics Today
Moments with Pope Francis – Catholic Digest Special Issue
More Senior Moments – Prayer-chats with God about aging Joy-fully
Moses’ Great Adventure
Music CD (2 disk set): Walking the Sacred Path: Spiritual Exercises for Today
My First Communion Activity Book
My First Reconciliation Activity Book
My Prayer Book
My Spirit Rejoices -- Imagining and Praying the Magnificat with Mary
My Weekly Mass Journal: Preparing for Confirmation
Mysteries of the Rosary (Threshold Bible Study)
Never Stop Praying – Weekly Mini-Retreats to Grow Your Faith Each Day
Never Stop Praying Weekly Reflection Questions – Free e-Resource
Nuestra Vida Catolica – Complete Set of 7 Books
Nuestra Vida Catolica Leader’s Guide
Nuts & Bolts of Daily Spirituality
O Come, Emmanuel -- Daily Prayers for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany
On Care for our Common Home
On Care for our Common Home -- A Group Reading Guide to Pope Francis' Laudato Si'
On Care for Our Common Home -- The PowerPoint presentation
On Eagles Wings – A Journey Through Illness Toward Healing
On Earth as it is in Heaven
On Our Way With Jesus - the Guide for First Eucharist
On Our Way with Jesus -- the Guide for First Reconciliation
On the Way to Work: Stories & Reflections on Living as Christians Today
Open Hearts - Open Minds -- Working together even when some disagree
Opening Hearts and Hands
Order Growing Faith Booklets (English or Spanish)
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Our Catholic Family – Activities, Conversations, and Prayer for Sharing Faith at Home
Our Catholic Life
Our Catholic Life Leader’s Guide
Our Catholic Life Scope and Sequence
Our Catholic Life: Complete Set of 7 Books (English)
Our Catholic Life: Drawing Closer to Christ (Creed)
Our Catholic Life: Living the Commandments
Our Catholic Life: Living the Sacraments (Sacraments)
Our Catholic Life: Praying our Way through Life
Our Catholic Life: The Human Journey of Faith (Creed)
Our Catholic Life: The Mystery of the Church (Creed)
Our Holy Yearnings -- Life Lessons for Becoming our Truest Selves
Our Parish at Prayer -- Buy one of each and save 10%
Our Parish At Prayer: Prayerbooks for the Whole Community
Our Path of Love – Daily Reflections, Prayers and Action
Page-a-day booklets for Advent 2016! – Daily Reflections, Prayers and Practices
Parish Leadership & Stewardship
Pastoral Care
Peacemaking and Nonviolence
People of God’s Mercy – What 14 figures from Scripture Reveal about Divine Compassion
People of the Nativity -- Living the Christmas Story, then and now
People of the Passion (Threshold Bible Study)
Pep Talks for Catechists -- Encouragement, support, guidance
Pep Talks for Catholic Parents Encouragement, Support, Guidance
Pep Talks for Catholic Teachers Encouragement, Support, Guidance
Pep Talks for Parish Leaders & Ministers Encouragement, Support, Guidance
Pilgrimage in the Footsteps of Jesus (Threshold Bible Study)
Pocket Prayers for Married Couples
Pocket Prayers for Parents
Pocket Prayers for Times of Trouble
Pocket Prayers for Young Professionals
Pondering the Parables – Inspiration and Professional Growth
Pope Francis Resources
Practicing the Beatitudes – Inspiration and Professional Growth
Praising God with Saint Francis – A Coloring Book for Prayer and Meditation
Prayer for Coming Together – Free e-Resource
Prayer of Blessing in a Time of Transition
Prayer: Putting Christ at the Center – Free e-Resource
Prayerbook for Catechists
Prayerbook for Catechumens and Candidates
Prayerbook for Confirmation Candidates
Prayerbook for Eucharistic Adoration
Prayerbook for Eucharistic Adoration
Prayerbook for Eucharistic Ministers
Prayerbook for First Communion
Prayerbook for First Reconciliation
Prayerbook for Lectors
Prayerbook for Parents at Baptism
Prayerbook for Parish Councilors
Prayerbook for the Grieving
Prayerbook for the Sick
Prayerful Pauses Finding God's Presence in Daily Life
Prayers & Guidelines for Catholics – Traditional Prayers and Practices
Prayers and Rituals for the Home
Prayers to Cope
Praying on Empty – A Guide to Rediscovering your Prayerful Self
Praying the Rosary with Pope Francis
Prepare! Celebrate! Live! Seasonal Catechesis and Prayer for Parishes & Schools
Preparing Children for Reconciliation: Four Creative Ways -- DVD
Preparing for a Lifetime of Love 30 Reflections for Engaged Couples from Pope Francis’ The Joy of Love
Preparing for Perfect Joy – Daily Reflections, Prayers and Actions
Preparing for the SACRAMENTS
Priests for a New Era – A Ministry of Service and Hope
Profundizando Learner Pack: The Whole 3-year Program
Profundizando y Madurando Nuestra Fe
Puffy and Friends: Gospel Lessons for Young Children -- 12-in1 DVD
Reconciliation (Penance or Confession)
Reconciliation Services Thru the Church Year
Rediscovering the Art of Dying – How Jesus' Experience and Our Stories Reveal a New Vision of Compassionate Care
Rejoice and be Glad
Rejoice and Be Glad – A Group Reading Guide to Pope Francis’ Gaudete et Exsultate
Renew Your Spirit! – Daily Reflections, Actions and Prayers
Responding to the Sexual Abuse Crisis – A supplement to the Parish Emergency Kit
Rising with Christ -- Daily Prayers for Lent, Holy Week and Easter Sunday
Rivers of Sorrow, Currents of Hope
Sacred Dwelling -- Discovering and Living Your Family Spirituality
Sacred Healing: MRIs, Marigolds, and Miracles
Sacred Scripture
Salt & Light – Church, Disability, and the Blessing of Welcome for All
Salvation Offered to All: Romans
Saying Yes! – Responding to God’s Invitation to Transform and Engergize Our Lives
Scripture Basics -- A Catechist's Guide
Scripture for Those Who Teach Others
Scripture is the Word of God
Seeing the Face of Christ – Free e-Resource
Seeking and Finding God – Free e-Resource
Seeking and Finding God Leader’s Guide – Free e-Resource
Seeking Spiritual Balance in an Off-Kilter World – How to Find Your "Center" in the Circus of Life
Senior High Ministry that Works! -- using the "Initiation Model"
Senior Moments -- Prayer-talks with God about Aging Grace-fully
Show Me the Path – Cultivating a Life of Discernment
Simple Gifts: Everyday Reflections, Prayers and Actions
Songs of the Heart Reflections on the Psalms
Spanish Youth Missal and the Spanish Liturgical Calendar – Bundle of 25
Special Limited Off for all 3 Divine Renovation Resources!
Spirit and Truth A Self-Guided Scripture Study for Confirmation and Beyond, a Candidate Resource
Spirited Lives -- 20 Stories of Saints and their Amazing Gifts
Spiritual Companions -- for .ePub
Spiritual Wisdom and Divine Light – A Coloring Book for Prayer and Meditation
Spread the Word -- Joy of the Gospel PowerPoint Presentation
St. Benedict's Guide to Improving Your Work Life -- Workplace as Worthplace
Stations of the Cross – Ordering Center
Stations of the Cross for Children -- DVD
Stay with Us – Encounters with the Risen Lord
Step by Step: Lectionary Activity Book for Kids (ages 3-7)
Stewardship of the Earth (Threshold Bible Study)
Strong Foundations - Couple's Book --A Marriage Prep Program for Catholic Couples
Strong Foundations - Leader's Guide -- A Marriage Prep Program for Catholic Couples
Strong Foundations -- save $$ when you buy this bundle
Sustaining the Spirit
Take a step forward in faith – Free e-resource
Take Stock of Life in your Parish: Welcoming – FREE e-resource
Teaching Catechists to Pray
Teaching Kids to Care – Reflections, Activities and Prayers on Practicing Virtues
Teaching Kids to Care for God’s Creation – Reflections, Activities and Prayers for Catechists and Families
Teaching Kids to Respect Others – Reflections, Activities & Prayers on Bullying and Prejudice
Teaching the Basics of Catholic Morality: A Catechist’s Guide to Fostering the Virtuous Life
Technology Tools for Your Ministry
Teen Advent 2018 Calendar
Tell Me A Story: The Role of Narrative in the Faith Life of Catholics
Thank You for Volunteering
That You Might Have Life – 12 Spiritual Practices to Nurture Your Call to Holiness
The Angel's Advent Lesson -- DVD
The Angel's Church Year Lesson -- DVD
The Angel's First Reconciliation Lesson -- DVD
The Angel's Prayer Lesson -- DVD
The Angel's Sacrament Lesson -- DVD
The Angel's Series -- DVDs -- CLICK HERE for more
The Art of Accompaniment – Four Essential Conversations on Becoming the Kind of Parish the Church Needs Today
The Beatitudes of Peace – Meditations on the Beatitudes, Peacemaking and the Spiritual Life
The Between Time -- savoring the sacred moments of everyday life
The Book of Revelation (Threshold Bible Study)
The Breath of the Soul: Reflections on Prayer
The Catechist's Formation Workbook Facilitator Guide
The Catechist’s Formation Workbook
The Catholic Way to Pray – An ESSENTIAL Guide for Adults
The Catholic Way to Pray -- Booklet series
The Chittister Foursome -- save 20%
The Complete Children's Liturgy Book: --Following the Liturgy of the Word
The Creed: A Catechist’s Guide -- Understanding and Sharing What We Believe
The Creed: The Apostolic Faith in Contemporary Theology
The Essential Catechist Bookshelf Bundle -- Get all 10 & save 25%!
The Feasts of Judaism (Threshold Bible Study)
The Gospel for Those in 12-Step Recovery – Reflections on Scripture and Stories of Hope
The Grace of Patience – Discovering the Abundance of Waiting
The Heart of Faith A Field Guide for Catechumens and Candidates
The Holy Spirit & Spiritual Gifts (Threshold Bible Study)
The Human Quest for God: An Overview of World Religions
The Intimacy You Desire – Growing in Love with God through the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius
The Isle of Monte Cristo: Finding the Inner Treasure
The Joy of Just Living -- Living simply, sustainably, and in solidarity with the poor
The Joy of Love -- A Group Reading Guide to Pope Francis’ Amoris Laetitia
The Joy of the Gospel -- 6 Small Group Sessions from Pope Francis’ Joy of the Gospel
The Joy of the Gospel Resources for your parish
The Light of the World – Daily Meditations for Advent and Christmas
The Liturgy of the Word with Children
The Loneliness and Longing of Saint Francis
The Lord is My Shepherd -- Psalm 23 Scripture Classics
The Many Faces of Mary in the Americas – 30 Days of Reflections and Prayers on Titles of the Blessed Virgin
The Mystery of the Cross – Praying the Stations with Pope Francis
The Names of Jesus (Threshold Bible Study)
The Parish Emergency Kit – Responding with Compassion when Tragedy Strikes
The Parish Guide to Social Media: How Social Networking Can Recharge Your Ministry
The Parish Guide to Volunteer Ministry – Encouragement, Support, Guidance
The Passion of Christ
The Pastor's Guide to Whole Community Catechesis
The Patron Saints of Creation Care -- Help your children meet them!
The People of the Way of the Cross -- Walking with Jesus through the eyes of 14 witnesses
The Pocket Guide to Pastoral Spanish
The Reluctant Disciple
The Resurrection & the Life (Threshold Bible Study)
The Role of the Catechist – Inspiration and Professional Growth
The Sacraments: Thoughtful Reflections for Catechists
The Sacred Heart of Jesus (Threshold Bible Study)
The Sacred In-between -- Spiritual Wisdom for Life's Every Moment
The Saints are Coming
The Scripture Passages that Changed My Life – Personal Stories from the writers of Living Faith
The Seven Last Words of Christ – Reflections by Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB
The Six Tasks of Catechesis -- Key Principles and Practices for Forming Faith
The Spiritual Wisdom of Saint John XXIII
The Spiritual Works of Mercy on the run -- for busy parents
The Spirituality of Parenting – Connecting Heart and Soul
The Spirituality of the Catechist -- Feeding Your Soul, Growing in Faith, Sharing with Others
The Spirituality of the Psalms – Prayers for All Times
The Story Revealed -- Homilies that Sustain, Inspire, and Engage
The Ten Commandments for Everyday Life
The Tragic & Triumphant Cross (Threshold Bible Study)
The Transforming Power of Lectio Divina -- How to Pray with Scripture
The Vocation of the Catechist – Inspiration and Professional Growth
The Way of Faith: A Field Guide for the RCIA Process
The Wounded Body of Christ – A Parish Discussion Guide on Abuse in the Catholic Church
The Yellow Brick Road: A Storyteller's Approach to the Spiritual Journey
Thinking Back and Looking Ahead – Spending Time with God this Summer
Threshold Bible Study for Lent
Threshold to God's Word
Threshold to God's Word -- DVD
Time to Say Goodbye My Grief Workbook
Tomorrow's Catholic: Understanding God & Jesus in a New Millennium
Tracing Moments of Trust – Free e-Resource
Traits of a Healthy Spirituality
Turn Toward Christ this Lent – Free e-resource
Turning Hearts to Christ: Engaging People in a Lifetime of Faith
Una luz gloriosa se acerca – Reflexiones, prácticas y oraciones diarias
Una Renovacion Divina
Understanding the Liturgy – A Guide to How Catholics Worship
Understanding the Mass A Prayerful Guide to the Liturgy
Understanding the Sacraments – The Fabric of Our Catholic Lives
Via Lucis: The Way of Light -- Praying the Stations of the Resurrection
Visiting the Elderly – A Guide for Ministers of Care
Voices of Prayer: Morning, Evening, & Always
Wade, Don’t Dive -- Feeling Comfortable and Confident in Your Role as Catechist
Waiting in Mindful Hope – Wisdom for Times of Transition
Walking Home Together – Spiritual Guidance and Practical Advice for End of Life
Walking in Faith: 30 Days with Pope Benedict XVI
Walking in Holiness with Pope Francis – 30 Days with Rejoice and Be Glad
Walking in Joy with Pope Francis -- 30 Days with The Joy of the Gospel
Walking in Love with Pope Francis – 30 Days with The Joy of Love
Walking in Love: 30 Days with the Encyclical “God is Love” from Pope Benedict XVI
Walking in Misericordia with Pope Francis – 30 Days with the Pope’s Letter on Extending the Practice of Mercy
Walking in Praise with Pope Francis – 30 Days with On Care for our Common Home
Walking in the Light – Daily Reflections, Prayers and Actions
Walking the Sacred Path: Spiritual Exercises for Today
Walking the Way -- Following Jesus on the Lenten Journey of Gospel Nonviolence to the Cross & Resurrection
Walking with Pope Francis -- Caminando con el Papa Francisco
Walking with Saint John Paul II – 30 Days with a Great Spiritual Leader
Walking with Saint John XXIII -- Now just $.79 each!
Walking with Saint Pope Paul VI – 30 Days of Inspiration
We Are All One – Unity, Community and Commitment to Each Other
We Celebrate Our Marriage
Weekday Liturgies for Children -- Creative Ways to Celebrate Year-Round
Welcome the People: Ways to Gather & Nourish Adult Catholics
What Can I Do? – 8 Ways to Help Build Community in Your Parish
What Christmas is All About
What Christmas is All About Prayer
What Every Catholic Needs to Know about Marriage, Divorce, Nullity and Remarriage
What Keeps Us Catholic – 40 Reasons to Feel Good about our Faith
What Pope Francis Says About Community and Unity –30 Days of Reflections and Prayers
What Pope Francis Says about Eucharist – 30 Days of Reflection and Prayers
What Pope Francis Says About Healing – 30 Days of Reflections and Prayers
What Pope Francis Says About Hope – 30 Days of Reflections and Prayers
What Pope Francis says about Jesus
What Pope Francis says about Marriage & Family Life
What Pope Francis Says About Mercy
What Pope Francis Says About Prayer -- 30 days of reflections and prayers
What Pope Francis Says About Recovery – 30 Days of Reflections and Prayers
What Pope Francis Says About Saints
What Pope Francis Says About Service -- 30 days of reflections and prayers
What Was There for Me Once
When Lightning Strikes Twice
When the Rain Speaks
When They Come Home: Ways to Welcome Returning Catholics
Who me, Evangelize? – A Simple Guide to Living and Sharing Your Faith
Whole Family Catechesis -- Inter-generational outline on Divine Mercy
Why Get Married in the Church? The Lifelong Blessings of a Catholic Wedding
Why Go to Confession?
Why Go to Mass?
Why Worry? A Catholic’s Guide for Learning to Let Go
Wine and the Word -- Savor & Serve
With Grateful Hearts: Spiritual Reflections for Everyday Living
Words for the Journey -- for Teens
Working toward Sainthood -- Daily reflections for Lent
Works of Mercy -- The PowerPoint
World Religions and Contemporary Issues: How Evolving Views on Ecology, Peace, and Women Are Impacting Faith Today
Yearning for You, My God – A Companion for Praying the Psalms
You Are Emmanuel
Your Money or Your Life – 20 Sessions on Faith, Finances and the Choices We Make
¡Dejen que Dios obre maravillas! – Reflexiones, acciones y oraciones diarias