How to Teach about Mercy

How to Teach about Mercy
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How do we teach about Mercy?
As we gear up for the Jubilee of Mercy, this set of teaching suggestions and resources will be invaluable to you. Mercy is taught by example and story more than by an academic presentation. But how can our catechists and teachers learn to do this?

This set of notes does the hard work of preparation for you!
These notes include:
► How to tell "the story of Mercy"
► Lessons on Mercy
► Mercy defined with easy-to-use talking points
► How to use fine arts to tell the story
► Stories of Mercy in the Bible
► Teachings on Mercy from the Bible
► Quotes from Pope Francis on Mercy
► Pope Francis' Prayer for Mercy for the Jubilee
► Notes on how to use our PowerPoint on Mercy
► Notes on praying with the Salve Regina, which Pope Francis has asked us all to do this year