How to Make a First Communion Banner

How to Make a First Communion Banner
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By Stephanie Baker & Anna Humaydan

8.5 X 11" -- 32 pages

First Communion is often one of the most enjoyable spiritual experiences in a child's life. It's colorful, it's special, and it's a religious ceremony that focuses on them as they enter the faith community more fully. Parish catechists spend weeks teaching them about the "theology" of Eucharist and the prayers and songs they need to know for the liturgy.

Use this resource to also invite parents to work with their child at home to prepare through discussions about first communion and family prayers and activities. As the date draws near, ask them to plan for the celebration at home, shop for first communion clothes, send invitations to family and friends... AND make a first communion banner with their child! Believe it or not, this is often the most daunting aspect of preparation for the parents.