Holding Godís Hand – Meditations to Relieve Stress, Worry and Fear

Holding Godís Hand &ndash; <em>Meditations to Relieve Stress, Worry and Fear</em>
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Authors: Deacon Eddie Ensley PhD and Deacon Robert Herrmann

112 pages, 5.5Ē x 8.5Ē

This new book by best-selling authors, Deacons Eddie Ensley and Robert Herrmann, is an antidote to our current culture of anxiety and stress. Here, the authors guide the reader through one-on-one conversations with God. Rooted in the best practices of spiritual direction and filled with warm reflections and comforting, compassionate prayers, this meditative book is like a long exhale after a stressful dayóand a timely reminder of Godís cherished love.

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