Habits of Resilience -- Learning to Live Fully in the Midst of Loss

Habits of Resilience -- <I> Learning to Live Fully in the Midst of Loss</i>
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A Grief Workbook with practices and reflections for healing and growth

Author: Beryl Schewe

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When the unthinkable happens, how do we move on? How can we face the next ordinary day, when it seems nothing will ever be ordinary again? Certified chaplain Beryl Schewe has stood with hundreds of families and individuals at these heartbreaking yet defining moments. Her compassionate and tender stories take us into hushed waiting rooms, peaceful hospices, and hopeful candlelight vigils. We meet those in sorrow, denial, anger, contemplation, and healing. Through their stories, we learn 13 practices of resilience that can move us beyond our grief and toward a full, rich life. “Regardless of our disposition,” says Schewe, “resilience is a skill that can be developed…strengthened and cultivated.”

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Written for those who grieve as well as for caregivers and pastoral ministers, this powerfully insightful and practical book includes sections on decision making, speaking to the dying, helping children cope with loss, and the importance of community support. Reflection questions and a gentle, 21-day challenge make this book a sure companion for anyone who seeks healing, and for all who need to remember that love always triumphs over death.

A board certified chaplain and director of pastoral care in a parish setting, Beryl Schewe has helped hundreds of families plan funeral liturgies, grieve their loved ones, and learn to live more fully after loss.