God’s Tender Mercy – Reflections on Forgiveness

God’s Tender Mercy &ndash; <I>Reflections on Forgiveness</I>
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Author: Joan Chittister OSB

80 pages -- 4.38 X 6.25" -- Hardcover -- Note that this book cannot be shipped to Canada. Canadian customers, please order directly from Novalis.

Sister Joan Chittister is a bestselling author for a very good reason. She takes difficult and even mysterious concepts and “breaks them open” for us. Here she tackles the virtue of mercy and its connection to forgiveness. She feels strongly that most of us don’t understand either mercy or forgiveness and don’t offer them enough to others. She challenges us to stop judging, accusing, and criticizing those we label “sinners” and to see ourselves in their number. She invites us to be realistic about our own actions before we “throw that first stone” at another.

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This is spiritual reading at its very best. Sister Joan’s insights invite all of us to seek holiness through receiving and then offering God’s tender mercy and forgiveness to one another. In doing so we become holy. There is no other way. Please click here to listen to a marvelous podcast by Joan Chittister regarding this book.


Joan’s is a prophet’s voice telling us that when love breaks through in even one person, the effect for the world is immense. Weep and heal, she writes, willing us to to find, through courageous self reflection and forgiveness, the fullness of our humanity and in that, the kind of love that will lift this world. —Paula D’Arcy, author of Waking Up to This Day

I’m sure Sister Joan is tired of being called a prophet. Identifying her message as prophetic leaves the rest of us off the hook as just ordinary souls with considerably limited vision and ambition. This plain-speaking little book on forgiveness will not give the reader that satisfaction, however. She challenged me to reconsider the brazenness of God’s mercy, the necessity of my guilt, and the value of continuing to cry—until none of us has anything left to cry about. —Alice Camille, co-author of The Forgiveness Book with Paul Boudreau

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