Global Conscience

Global Conscience
Item# 079088

Author: Douglas Roche

216 pages

Contains 30 international case studies, illustrating the interplay of public policy and private actions that will guide an enlightened path to human security. Activist and former senator Douglas Roche explores the emerging global conscience, the maturation of civilization, that has become the story of our time. Beyond the widely publicized news of war, poverty, and human rights violations is the uplifting awakening of concern for our fellow human beings as nations are calling for a new global ethic to make the world a better place. By looking at what we have achieved, we are able to provide hope and empowerment. A 'Yes, I can make a difference' mentality allows us to break free of the immobilizing fear, affirming that the route to public policies built on global conscience is possible.

DOUGLAS ROCHE is an author, parliamentarian, and diplomat who specializes in peace and human security issues. He is a member of the Pugwash Council, which in 1995 won the Nobel Peace Prize for its work on nuclear disarmament.