Gifted by God – A Confirmation Retreat Kit DVD

Gifted by God &ndash; <i>A Confirmation Retreat Kit DVD</i>
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Authors: David Dayler, M.A., Anne Jamieson

The complete toolkit for preparing and leading Confirmation retreats for youth.

Parish ministers, catechists, teachers and religious educators will welcome this wonderful kit for creating meaningful retreats for youth preparing for Confirmation. This retreat kit is an ideal companion to any sacramental preparation program, whether in the parish or school. It offers religious educators all the material on a single DVD needed for leading a retreat including suggested schedules for full and half-day retreats, leader's guide, prayer services, detailed activity plans, handouts and music. New and experienced ministers alike will find this to be an effective resource for their Confirmation program.

Now Available! The complete Gifted by God Confirmation program!

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David Dayler, MTS, is the Director of the Office for Discipleship and Parish Life for the Diocese of Hamilton, Ontario. With over 30 years experience in teaching and pastoral ministry, he brings a vast experience and wisdom to faith development. He and his wife Linda have three grown sons and two grandchildren.

Anne Jamieson, MCT, serves as the Director of Catechesis for the Diocese of Hamilton and is pursuing a doctorate in ministry from the University of Toronto. With over 20 years of ministry experience, she continues to share her passion for her faith with religious educators and parents. She lives with her husband and four children on their family farm.

John Dawson is a guitarist, composer, songwriter and professional musician. His most recent published work is Mass for the Holy Family which can be found in Celebrate in Song and Living with Christ and has been used in parishes across Canada since the implementation of the new Roman Missal in 2011.

Program Components

Leader’s guide
An easy-to-use 112-page book with session set-up plans, teaching tips and session content.

Candidate’s book
A user-friendly and accessible 48-page full-colour book with ample space for candidates to write.

Talk Tags
Six sturdy tags that can be attached to a zipper on a coat or a backpack using the carabiner provided. Talk Tags are double-sided. One side has the FACE2FACE conversation starter for candidates to share with their parents and caregivers. The other side has the TECHtalk for those who wish to extend their experience by going online. The Talk Tags are found inside the back cover of the Candidate’s Book and are easy to separate.

The Gifted by God Retreat Kit DVD (Sold Separately)
This DVD contains all the materials you need (including PowerPoint presentations, music, activity pages and reflection videos) to run the optional full- or half-day retreat at the end of this program. If you choose not to hold a retreat, this material can be used in the final Wrapping It Up session so that candidates will receive the essential teaching on the gifts of the Holy Spirit.