Generation Laudato Si' – Catholic Youth on Living out an Ecological Spirituality

Generation Laudato Si' &ndash; <em>Catholic Youth on Living out an Ecological Spirituality</em>
Item# 300165

Authors: Rebecca Rathbone and Simon Appolloni

5.5”x 8”; 176 pages

Written entirely by youth (aged 17 to 35) from 20 countries, this book comprises the thoughts, wisdom, dreams and aspirations of a generation that wants to change how we run the economy, foster community, lead and govern, facilitate education, use and apply technology, and live among the rest of creation. But it is more than just a book; through multimedia including a website, Instagram, Twitter and videos, it is a call to a global conversation to foster ecological conversion.

REBECCA RATHBONE is Officer Promoting Youth Leadership, Caritas Internationalis, and a former Animator for Development and Peace.

SIMON APPOLLONI is an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto, School of the Environment, and author of Convergent Knowing: Christianity and Science in Conversation with a Suffering Creation (McGill-Queen’s University Press). He also works as Editorial Director for Novalis.

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