Funeral Homilies from Fr. Bill Bausch

Funeral Homilies from Fr. Bill Bausch
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Author: Fr. Bill Bausch

6 X 9" -- 208 pages

Father Bill Bausch's homilies are always outstanding. He brings a deep pastoral presence and much thought and preparation to each of them. This has never been more evident than here in this book of funeral homilies. Each is crafted to reflect the person remembered as well as the message of Scripture. Each reflects the communal nature of a Catholic funeral and is sensitive to the status of the mourners: non-Catholics, lapsed Catholics, faithful parishioners, relatives, and friends.

Father Bill's words are faith-filled and compassionate, comforting and challenging, communal and personal. He regards the funeral liturgy as one of the greatest teachable moments the Church offers and here this is very evident. Highly recommended for all priests, deacons, and preachers.

William J. Bausch, a homilist of distinction, has inspired countless other homilists to break open the Word of God through story, humor, deep conviction, and compassion. Now retired, Father Bausch continues his ministry at a local parish in New Jersey and he gives lectures, retreats, and days and evenings of reflection. He is author of Once Upon a Gospel: A Book of Homilies and Reflections and Touching the Heart: Tales for the Human Journey, also available from Twenty-Third Publications.

"A funeral definitely falls into the category of a teachable moment. Our best music, careful ritual, and a meaningful homily must take advantage of this."

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