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We are honored to serve your parish with a variety of free resources for you. See them all right here.

Keeping Mercy Alive &ndash; <i>FREE e-resource</i>
Catholic Customs & Traditions &ndash; <em>Lent & Easter FREE E-Resource</em>
The Passion of Christmas &ndash; <em>A Christmas homily from Fr. William Bausch</em>
Catholic Customs & Traditions &ndash; <em>Advent & Christmas FREE E-Resource</em>
Fratelli Tutti:<em> Homily, Intercessions, Scripture Connections FREE E-Resource</em>
Fratelli Tutti: <em>Faith Formation Connections FREE E-Resource</em>
Fratelli Tutti: <em>Bulletin Inserts FREE E-Resource</em>
On-Line Group Use Guide
Who Do You Say That I Am? &ndash; <em>Free e-Resource</em>
The 20 Minute Retreat  &ndash; <i>Free e-Resource</i>
Never Stop Praying Weekly Reflection Questions &ndash; <i>Free e-Resource</i>
Learning from Mary: Our Model of Trust in God &ndash; <i>Free e-Resource</i>
Tracing Moments of Trust &ndash; <i>Free e-Resource</i>
Easter Blessings &ndash; <i>Called to Share Godís Many Gifts</i>
A Prayer of Gratitude
Seeing the Face of Christ &ndash; <i>Free e-Resource</i>
Lenten Practices &ndash; <em>Free e-Resource</em>
Seeking and Finding God Leaderís Guide &ndash; <em>Free e-Resource</em>
Seeking and Finding God  &ndash; <em>Free e-Resource</em>
What Christmas is All About Prayer
What Christmas is All About
Giving and Living Thanks
Opening Hearts and Hands
Scripture is the Word of God
Scripture for Those Who Teach Others
Coming Together as a Learning Community &ndash; <i>Free e-Resource</i>
Prayer for Coming Together &ndash; <i>Free e-Resource</i>
Marking Times of Transition in the Parish
Prayer of Blessing in a Time of Transition
Thinking Back and Looking Ahead &ndash; <em>Spending Time with God this Summer</em>
The Catechist's Formation Workbook Facilitator Guide
Prayer: Putting Christ at the Center &ndash; <i>Free e-Resource</i>
ACTS: A Simple Way to Pray Today &ndash; <i>Free e-Resource</i>
Everyday Holiness Prayer Card &ndash; <i>Free e-resource</i>
Everyday Holiness &ndash; <i>Free e-resource</i>
Turn Toward Christ this Lent &ndash; <i>Free e-resource</i>
Take a step forward in faith &ndash; <i>Free e-resource</i>
Our Catholic Life Scope and Sequence
Our Catholic Life Leaderís Guide
Nuestra Vida Catolica Leaderís Guide
Keeping Mercy Alive &ndash; <i>FREE e-resource</i>
Take Stock of Life in your Parish: Welcoming &ndash; <i> FREE e-resource</i>
My Catholic Prayer Book
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