Faith, Love and Loss – Sustaining Hope Amid Memory Loss and the Storms of Life

Faith, Love and Loss &ndash; <em>Sustaining Hope Amid Memory Loss and the Storms of Life</em>
Item# 300394

Author: Jennifer and Harry McAvoy

96 pages, 5.375” x 8.375”

Faith, Love and Loss is a real-life story with big scary dragons like memory loss, diminished ability, the unravelling of a career and loss of income. The authors provide a compelling glimpse into a five-year health crisis where there has been no diagnosis and hence no prognosis for getting better. They share memorable moments, lessons learned, and the faith and love that have sustained them.

The McAvoys’ story will resonate with people of all ages when health issues become an increasing concern. Faith, Love and Loss offers hope and encouragement in the face of suffering and includes valuable insights shared by doctors, counsellors and clergy.

“This is not a Pollyanna tale. Harry’s medical condition has been frightening, and it has brought all the conflict that anxiety and fear always bring. There are no big miracle cures here. Rather, there are a hundred small miracles that might go unnoticed if they were not regarded with the eyes of faith.”— Christine Way Skinner, lay minister, author of The Joy of Keeping the Faith and co-author (with Michael Way Skinner) of There Must Be a Pony in Here Somewhere.

Jennifer and Harry McAvoy met in 1982 in a Christian community associated with Covenant House while working with street kids. Married in 1984, they are grateful to be parents of six children and grandparents to three grandchildren. Over the years, they have worked and volunteered in service of others as they have continued to nurture the seeds of faith.

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