Faith Matters Pastoral Ministry Leaflets

Faith Matters <I>Pastoral Ministry Leaflets</I>
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1-6 packs of 25$9.95 per pack (40 per leaflet)

7-12 packs of 25 .$8.95 each pack (36 per leaflet)

13-24 packs of 25 ........$7.95 each pack (32 per leaflet)

25 or more packs of 25.$6.95 each pack (28 per leaflet)


8 panels folded twice, resulting in a 4 X 6" leaflet -- 25 leaflets per pack

Confessors: Keep these handy to give to penitents to send them home with hope and courage.

Youth Ministers: This is an excellent way to extend your ministry into the daily lives of the young people to whom you minister.

Pastoral Ministers: Give these to the people who call you for help and assurance. Help them grow in their faith!

These marvelous and affordable leaflets help people grow in their faith (1) by introducing them to important faith issues -- for example: Who is Jesus? How should I read the Bible, and The Mystery of the Eucharist. And (2) they work by helping people deal with important life issues from a faith perspective for example, suicide, divorce, depression.

Using simple, clear language, they introduce people to the teachings of the church and help them face life's toughest moments with courage, honesty, hope, and faith. See a sample of each leaflet by clicking on the titles below.

Open a SAMPLE leaflet to see how powerful they are!
The Bible: <I>A treasure trove waiting to be discovered</I>
$9.95, 7/$62.65, 13/$103.35, 25/$173.75
When We're Shaken by Death
$9.95, 7/$62.65, 13/$103.35, 25/$173.75
Depression: <I>How can I overcome it?</I>
$9.95, 7/$62.65, 13/$103.35, 25/$173.75
Divorced: <I>How do you rebuild your life?</I>
$9.95, 7/$62.65, 13/$103.35, 25/$173.75
The Eucharist: <I>A great mystery</I>
$9.95, 7/$62.65, 13/$103.35, 25/$173.75
I've Lost my Faith...
$9.95, 7/$62.65, 13/$103.35, 25/$173.75
How Do You Read the Gospels?
$9.95, 7/$62.65, 13/$103.35, 25/$173.75
Living Through the Ordeal of Illness
$9.95, 7/$62.65, 13/$103.35, 25/$173.75
Why Do Evil & Suffering Exist?
$9.95, 7/$62.65, 13/$103.35, 25/$173.75
Face to Face with Suicide
$9.95, 7/$62.65, 13/$103.35, 25/$173.75
Who is Jesus?
$9.95, 7/$62.65, 13/$103.35, 25/$173.75