Everything about Parish Ministry I Wish I had Known

Everything about Parish Ministry I Wish I had Known
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Author: Kathy Hendricks

5.5 X 8.5" -- 168 pages

This gem of a book is filled with rich wisdom and solid practicality. Kathy taps into her wealth of experience and makes this book both easy to read and fun.
—Neil A. Parent, Director Emerging Models of Pastoral Leadership Project

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Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities of your ministry? Do you long to know how to better manage your time? How to plan and consult? How to run effective meetings? How to make collaboration work? In short, how to be an effective, sane pastoral minister?

Kathy Hendricks handles these topics and more with a humorous and hands-on approach. Involved in ministry for over thirty years on the parish, diocesan, and national levels, Kathy shares some of the wisdom she has acquired from personal experience, favorite resources, and stories from pastoral ministers across the country.

Each chapter focuses on helping you as parish minister to develop fruitful relationships as well as useful ways to manage your work and tend to your own spiritual growth.

Kathy Hendricks is an author and spiritual director with extensive experience in catechetical and pastoral ministry. She offers retreats, talks, and workshops across the country on topics of spirituality, family, faith formation, and pastoral leadership.

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