Eucharist: It's All About Christ -- 3-in 1 DVD

Eucharist: It's All About Christ -- 3-in 1 DVD
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RCIA Teams, Confirmation programs, Liturgical Minister Training

DVD – 69 minutes total run time in 3 episodes

This Sacred Place

This Sacred Meal

This Sacred People

THREE-IN-ONE! You can have it all in these three excellent resources for parish leaders, ministers, an RCIA teams, candidates, and catechumens on one DVD. In these presentations, viewers follow “Ellen Marshall” as she meets first “Eddie,” then “Mark” as she, herself, becomes an RCIA candidate, and finally visits Ed’s wife “Dorothy,” all the while learning from them, and through them, three aspects of Eucharist in a parish. These can be viewed one at a time or all together in a parish setting or at home. Recommended viewing order: This Sacred Place (25 min.); This Sacred Meal (21 min.); This Sacred People (23 min.)

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