Empowering the Parking Lot Parent – A Catechistís Guide to Coaching Family Spirituality

Empowering the Parking Lot Parent &ndash; <em>A Catechistís Guide to Coaching Family Spirituality</em>
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Author: Sr. Patricia M. McCormack, IHM, ED.D

128 pages, 8.5Ē x 11Ē

The newest book from beloved author Sr. Pat McCormack gives catechists and DREs powerful tools to help parents fulfill their mission as ďfirst heralds of the gospelĒ for their children. Sr. Pat shows how catechists are uniquely positioned to provide the support parents need ďto find their own voice, to name and claim their personal spirituality, and to be comfortable in passing it on to their children.Ē Brimming with ideas, plus reproducible materials (full of even more great ideas!) to share with families, this invaluable resource equips catechists with the practical and spiritual insights they need to guide and coach parents to be the spiritual leaders God calls them to be.

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