Dear Joan Chittister – Conversations with Women in the Church

Dear Joan Chittister &ndash; <em>Conversations with Women in the Church</em>
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Where can we find communities who accept us fully for who we are?
Where do we find the courage to walk forward, often alone, and proclaim the truth?

It’s an experience many women share: they’re well-educated, talented, and passionate about discipleship and ministry, but they serve a church that puts limits on their participation just because they are women and often seems to wish they’d just remain silent. Who can they turn to for wisdom, inspiration, and courage?

In this groundbreaking book, ten young women active in ministry share their thoughts, aspirations, questions and desires with Sister Joan Chittister, a spiritual master and prophetic visionary who has long encouraged the gifts and voices of those too easily dismissed. The conversations unfold in a series of letters. Each letter writer shares an experience from her life or ministry, and Joan then responds with affirmation and challenge, sharing her wisdom, inspiration and courage with those vitally committed to the church.

The result is a powerful message that needs to be read by women and men, a book that confronts current realities, buoys future hopes and refuses to accept the status quo for a church called to embody the gospel message for a new generation.

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