The Creed: The Apostolic Faith in Contemporary Theology

The Creed: The Apostolic Faith in Contemporary Theology
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Author: Fr Berard Marthaler

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Newly revised and expanded, this is the perfect introduction to the beliefs of Catholicism and a unique and invaluable guide for studying the Catechism of the Catholic Church. This is a "must read" for everyone working in pastoral ministries today, or for anyone who wants to know more about the history of the church.

This revised and expanded edition of The Creed is highly recommended for students of Ecclesiology, Christology, Church History, and Catechetical Theology.

Berard L. Marthaler, OFMConv., long-time Professor of Religion and Religious Education at the Catholic University of America, holds earned doctorates in theology (Rome) and history (University of Minnesota). Before his retirement, Father Marthaler was executive editor of several supplementary volumes and the revised edition of the New Catholic Encyclopedia. His writings have appeared in a number of religious education and theological journals.

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Berard Marthaler here provides rich commentary and historical notes on the creed professed by Christians through the centuries. He deals not only with historical debates but also with contemporary challenges and modern ecumenical convergences. This is a helpful resource for studying the Catechism of the Catholic Church, catechisms of other churches, and the World Council commentary on the Nicene Creed. Thanks to Berard and his publisher for continuing to keep this resource available and updated for our use!
---Brother Jeffrey Gros, FSC, Distinguished Professor of Ecumenical and Historical Theology, Memphis Theological Seminary

Just as the Church's creed summarizes what we believe, Berard Marthaler's The Creed summarizes why we believe it and takes readers into the deepest mysteries of our faith. He explains what it is to believe and who it is we believe in. Marthaler opens up the context of our creed: the scriptures, the movements, the heresies, and the councils that forged its words, as well as the living Church still nurtured by its tenets. His clear analysis confidently guides the reader through a thicket of ancient and modern theological issues.
---Paul Turner, Pastor, St. Munchin Parish, Cameron, Missouri, and author of When Other Christians Become Catholic (Liturgical Press)

My students in ecclesiology often ask me where they can find an exposition of basic Catholic doctrine that is clearly laid out and explained. Marthaler's The Creed is my book of choice. Now newly updated, it is a widely-used work that has stood the test of time. In its pages, Catholic teaching comes to make sense within an historical and intellectual framework and here students will find the perfect blend of solid academics and clear and accessible writing.
---Dennis M. Doyle, Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Dayton, and author of The Church Emerging from Vatican II, which can be found here.

No claim or controversy of the Creed remains unexamined in this most comprehensive and judicious of the many books explicating the Creed. The bibliography for further reading after each chapter gives an updated selection of the finest contemporary theological thought on the Creed. For getting to the heart of Christian belief, this book is the gold standard.
---Nicholas Ayo, csc, Professor Emeritus in the Program of Liberal Studies, University of Notre Dame