Come Gather 'Round

Come Gather 'Round
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Author: Carol Cimino SSJ, ED.D

5.5 X 8.5" -- 96 pages

Imagine yourself sitting at the feet of a master teacher who is about to share with you the fruits of almost fifty years of being in the classroom. She has in fact been a teacher for most of her life, and everything she knows about teaching she has learned from the young people she taught.

She wants to share with you her impressions of her students (“They are infuriating, loving, questioning, naïve, savvy, and mysterious), and her thoughts about how they grow in faith (“I wondered about the mystery of their faith, and it made me want to be very sensitive to this fragile, yet powerful force within them.”) Above all she wants to encourage you to look within yourself at the level of zeal and energy you bring to your ministry.

That teacher is Carol Cimino, and she has a lifetime of lessons to share with you about how to integrate Scripture into your lessons, how to experience prayer and liturgy with your students, ways to reach out with them to serve Christ’s least ones, how to instill a sense of the “sacred” in their lives, and how to help them face the daily challenges of living their faith—in the classroom and out. So, “come gather round” with open minds and hearts to listen to the teacher.

Sister Carol Cimino is a Sister of Saint Joseph of Rochester, New York. Currently, she is a national consultant for the William H. Sadlier Co., a publisher of textbooks, with offices in New York City. She has been a teacher and an administrator on all levels of Catholic education and currently co-directs the Catholic School Leadership.