Celebrating Your Child's Sacraments – Baptism, Communion, Reconciliation, Confirmation

Celebrating Your Child's Sacraments &ndash; <i>Baptism, Communion, Reconciliation, Confirmation</i>
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Celebrating Your Child’s Baptism
From author Deb McCann
“As your child’s first teachers in the faith, you are the ones who make the promises on his/her behalf; you are the ones who will be prayed for to fulfill your parental tasks with joy and fidelity.”

Here you will find all the help you need to renew your understanding of the sacrament of Baptism, to renew your commitment to Sunday Mass, and to renew your practice of daily prayer as a family. This booklet will guide and encourage you to be the best parents possible and the best models of faith for your baby.

Celebrating Your Child’s Baptism is a one-step guide for parents seeking baptism for their children, a handy take-home primer for study and reflection. It includes a complete overview of the sacrament, frequently asked questions, and a collection of family prayers. Its Imprimatur is from the Diocese of Norwich, CT.

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Celebren el bautismo de sus hijos
Autora: Deborah McCann
“Como los primeros maestros en la fe de su hijo o hija, son las personas que hacen las promesas de su parte; son las personas que reciben las oraciones para que cumplan sus tareas como padres con gozo y con fidelidad.”

Aquí encontraran todo el apoyo que necesitan para renovar su comprensión del sacramento de Bautismo, para renovar su compromiso a la Misa dominical, y para renovar su práctica de la oración diaria como familia. Este librito les guiará y animará para que sean los mejores padres posibles y los mejores modelos de fe para su bebé.

Celebren el bautismo de sus hijos es una guía sencilla para los padres que piden el bautismo de sus hijos. Es un manual básico para llevar a casa, para el estudio y la reflexión. Incluye una visión general del sacramento, preguntas planteadas con frecuencia, y una colección de oraciones familiares. El Imprimátur es de la Diócesis de Norwich, CT.

Celebrating Your Child’s First Communion
From author Pat Fosarelli
First Communion isn’t an endpoint. It’s the beginning of a new phase in the faith journey you share with your child. And, as your child’s first teacher in faith, you have been called by God to accompany your son or daughter to First Communion. And what a joy and privilege it is to teach your child about Jesus’ loving gift of himself in the Eucharist.

Here you’ll find plenty of encouragement, help, and support for the months and days leading up to your child’s First Communion—and well beyond.

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Celebrating Your Child’s First Reconciliation
From author Pat Fosarelli
The Church gives us the sacrament of reconciliation to demonstrate God’s ever-faithful love and forgiveness. What a great reason to celebrate with your child! As your child’s first teacher in the faith, you can set the stage for a lifetime of receiving forgiveness and imitating the love and forgiveness of Jesus.

This booklet can help you do this. You’ll get information to renew your own understanding of reconciliation, including a brief history and current Church teaching. Plus, you’ll get practical advice for preparing your child at home, with age appropriate Q&As, and detailed explanations of what happens before, during, and after receiving the sacrament.

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Celebrating Your Child’s Confirmation
From author Connie Clark
Do you want to coach your parents to play a stronger role in the formation of their young adult children? Do you want a confirmation program that prepares your kids, not for the sacrament, but for a LIFETIME OF FAITH? Look no further. This resource is what you need.

The author shows parents how the sacrament of confirmation can help their children live joyful, Christ-centered lives. With background on the history of the sacrament, its rites and symbols, and what to expect during confirmation preparation, this booklet includes frequently asked questions about confirmation and the real issues families of adolescents face. Inviting and informative, this is a great resource for welcoming families into your confirmation program.

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