Catholic Kidís Library: We Go to Mass

Catholic Kidís Library: <em>We Go to Mass</em>
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4 color booklet – 32 pages — Note that this book can only be sold within the United States. We ask our Canadian friends to order directly from Novalis.

An excellent book to teach younger children the values and traditions of the Catholic Church through simple words and illustrations.

With colorful illustrations and clear language, We go to Mass introduces children to the various parts of the Catholic liturgy. From the Introductory Rites to the Concluding Blessing, children will discover the ďwhysĒ and ďhowsĒ of the prayers, readings, symbols, gestures, and realities of the Mass, so they can follow and better understand whatís happening. We go to Mass can help children see that they are part of Godís family and how the Mass brings them into Jesusí loving and very real presence. This timeless treasure of a book will be enjoyed over and over by childrenóand adults too!

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