By the Way 100 Reflections on the Spiritual Life

By the Way <I>100 Reflections on the Spiritual Life</I>
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Author: Melannie Svoboda,SND

5.5” X 8.5” -- 128 pages

SAMPLE In the early church, the phrase “The Way” was synonymous with Christianity itself. In Acts, we read that St. Paul, before his dramatic conversion, persecuted “anyone who belonged to The Way,” that is, anyone who was a follower of Jesus. And Jesus himself said these memorable words, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” This book is intended especially for people striving to live their lives by The Way.

Bestselling author of Traits of a Healthy Spirituality, When the Rain Speaks, and Just Because, Sr. Melannie has a knack for finding the sacred in everyday experiences: cooking supper, walking in the park, praying with scripture, riding in a golf cart, eating an apple, watching a TV show on ostriches. In these 100 reflections, situated around the seasons of the year, she shares not only her experiences but also the spiritual insights she has gleaned from them. Each reflection concludes with a brief prayer to heighten readers’ awareness of the sacred in their own personal lives. It is Sr. Melannie’s hope that By the Way will help and encourage readers to follow The Way shown to us by Jesus himself.

This is a delightful and inspiring resource for all searching for a deeper meaning in the ordinary experiences of daily life.

Melannie Svoboda, a Sister of Notre Dame of Chardon, Ohio, is author of numerous books from Twenty-Third Publications, and in addition to her writing she also gives talks and directs retreats.

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