The Between Time -- savoring the sacred moments of everyday life

The Between Time -- <I>savoring the sacred moments of everyday life</i>
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Damaris Zehner illustrates that our intriguing “between time,” filled with struggles and triumphs, is constantly touched by our faithful God. The reflections are unforgettable; the prayers are life-changing. Janet Schaeffler, OP, author, retreat-workshop presenter

Insightful meditations about the life that both breaks and heals us, and about the God who provides a dwelling place of joy as these “between days” go by. Read this book! Enter the joy.
Chaplain Mike Mercer, lead writer at

5.5 X 8.5” – 128 pages

From her missionary work in Kyrgyzstan, to her family’s life in an old farmhouse in Indiana, to her daughters trying to rescue a baby goat named Hope, Damaris Zehner shares stories that will resonate with anyone who has stood at a crossroads of faith and wondered what God has in mind for us. Honest, eloquent, thought-provoking, and steeped in generous love, Zehner’s essays invite us to embrace our everyday blessings and joyfully seek God’s kingdom wherever we happen to be.

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Damaris Zehner is a writing professor who lives with her family in rural Indiana, surrounded by a large garden and too many animals.