Being the Body of Christ What the People of the Passion Teach us about Jesus Today

Being the Body of Christ <I>What the People of the Passion Teach us about Jesus Today</I>
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Author: Marci Alborghetti

5.5 X 8.5" -- 128 pages

One is his mother. Another is a friend. Still another is a stranger. They are among the seven people who witness Jesus’ death on the cross. Their remarkable, life-altering stories are told here, in Being the Body of Christ: What the People of the Passion Teach us about Jesus Today.

Drawing from Scripture and tradition, Marci Alborghetti creates tender, profoundly personal depictions of each encounter; we feel Mary’s anguish as she holds her son’s cold, tattered body and recalls rocking her newborn; we stand with John at the foot of the cross, somewhere between hope and despair. We feel the Centurion’s bewilderment, Magdalene’s grief, and Nicodemus’ wrenching regret.

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“These are the people who can become our guides as we seek to commit ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually to Jesus and his teachings,” says Alborghetti. Each chapter offers questions and topics for personal reflection or group discussion, making this an inspiring and cherished companion for all who seek deeper participation in the Body of Christ.

Marci Alborghetti is the author of numerous books, including Twelve Strong Women of God, and When Lightning Strikes Twice, from Twenty-Third Publications. She and her husband Charlie Duffy are blessed to divide their time between their home in Connecticut and the San Francisco Bay area.

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